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SDR Motorsports Delilah RZR XP4 1000

Polaris RZR XP4 1000
SDR Motorsports “Delilah” RZR XP4 1000

SDR Motorsports RZR XP4 1000 Delilah
SDR Motorsports’ Delilah Stretching out in Glamis

Text by Cody Hooper. Photos by Cody Hooper and Jon Crowley

SDR Motorsports, based out of Corona, CA, routinely builds some of the cleanest cars around. Now infamous for their “Christine” build debuted at last year’sSand Sports Super Show and featured as UTV of the Month right here on UTVGuide.net. The bar was set high, and we were anxious to see what they were brewing up next! We met up with Tim Berendes and his son, Austin, out at the 4th Annual UTV Industry Ride to take a look at their newest ground-up build they affectionately call, Delilah.

SDR Motorsports Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Delilah, Christine’s younger sister, started off life as a 2015 RZR XP 4 1000. It was quickly stripped down to the bare frame and the re-build process began. Based on the success SDR had with fiberglass experts Glazz Kraft and Aluminum artisans Next Level Aluminum Concepts, the new build was slated for another hybrid body. SDR had no trouble showing us they had more tricks up their sleeves after Christine, with the body lines on Delilah turning out even tighter and more sculpted than its predecessor giving this new build a distinct look all its own.

The wide-body fiberglass kit from Glazz Kraft features only the front and rear clips, so the entire span between them- including the roof, rear bed and doors, had to be hand-shaped out of aluminum. The C-pillars and bed feature very different lines than Christine did, with that signature SDR style blended in quite well. Unlike Christine, this new car retains the rear seats and Delilah’s owner, Jeff Pont, will likely be filling them nearly every ride- who wouldn’t want to go for a spin in this thing?

OMF Performance Beadlock Wheels
OMF Performance 15″ Beadlock Wheels

The interior is dressed nicely in Twisted Stitch seats with matching blue and black suede door panels. Sitting in the car, you get the feeling that this is the way a high-dollar UTV should feel- it’s luxurious and sporty, yet doesn’t give off the notion that a sickly amount of weight has been added. Not that it matters, anyway- the K&T/PRO Shop built engine packs more than twice the OE level of stomping Clydesdales inside the engine compartment.

 STM billet Rage8 Clutch
STM Rage 8 Clutch

SDR is one shop that never disappoints with performance and attention to detail and this PRO Shop tuned and built stock-bore engine is no exception. It is force-fed with 14 lbs. of boost from a K&T Performance-supplied turbo kit. Internals are beefed up with a set of Crower Rods, K&T specific pistons, titanium valves and springs, spec head porting, and a Sparks Racing exhaust. The power is sent to the wheels through a billet STM Rage8 Clutch. All said and done, the engine produces well over 200 horsepower, making all of your roost-throwing dreams come true.

HCR Racing Long Travel Suspension
HCR Racing ELITE long-travel kit

To handle the abuse the engine would undoubtedly put the suspension through, SDR turned to HCR Racing for their brand-new ELITE long-travel kit. Based off of their boxed-arm long travel kit, the ELITE goes a step further by removing material anywhere it is not needed for structural rigidity. The arms are made of a tougher material, which is 25% stronger than 4130 chromoly. The entire A-arm and trailing arm kit only adds 22.5 lbs to a stock vehicle- perfect for the sand. With massive King internal bypass shocks and 21”+ of suspension travel, Delilah can dance with the best of them.

SDR Motorsport Delilah RZR XP4 1000

Inside, an SSV Works 3-speaker stereo system and a Rugged Radios race intercom and radio setup keep entertainment and communication simple. Baja Designs lightweight LED bars grace the roof and bumper, with more LED interior and under glow lights than we could count. OMF 15” Type R wheels are wrapped in massive Sand Tires Unlimited Blasters out back and Custom grooved sand tires out front, allowing this girl to really put the power down. For more information on this build or creating your own bad-to-the-bone UTV, call up SDR and talk to their knowledgeable sales staff at (800) 277-2280.

SDR Motorsport Delilah RZR XP4 1000
SDR Motorsport “Delilah” RZR XP4 1000

Delilah will also be featured onDestination Polaris on Sunday March 8, 2015 over on Fox Sports Network.

SDR Motorsport Delilah RZR XP4 1000
SDR Motorsport “Delilah” RZR XP4 1000

SDR Motorsport Delilah RZR XP4 1000
SDR Motorsport “Delilah” RZR XP4 1000

Glazz Kraft Carbon Fiber Dash
Glazz Kraft Carbon Fiber Dash/ Rugged Radios / SSV Works

Sparks Racing Dual ExhaustBlue LED Accent LightsTwisted Stitch Seats


  • 2015 Polaris RZR XP-4 1000
  • PRO Shop Built Motor
  • K&T Turbo Kit (14lbs Boost)
  • Crower Rods
  • KT PistonsTitanium Valves and springs
  • Ported Head
  • STM Rage8 Clutch
  • Sparks Exhaust
  • SDR Motorsports Delilah Cage
  • SDR Front Bumper
  • SDR Front Grille
  • SDR/ Next Level Aluminum Concepts Aluminum Body
  • Baja Design 37 SDR Radius ONY6 LED Top Light
  • Baja Design 10 Onyx Bumper Light
  • Heretic Headlights
  • Rigid Industries Blue A Series under glow lights
  • SDR LED under glow add on kit
  • Glazz Kraft Body
  • Glazz Kraft Carbon Fiber Dash
  • Polaris Digital Gauge
  • Twisted Stitch Belts
  • Twisted Stitch TS-R Seats
  • Custom Matching inner Door Panels by Twisted Stitch
  • Momo USA Steering wheel
  • MOMO USA Shift Knob
  • Assault Bomber Side Mirrors Mirrors
  • Rigid Industries Blue A Series Dome Lights
  • SSV Works 3 Speaker Stereo System with Bluetooth
  • Rugged Radios 660 Intercom System
  • Rugged Radios Car to Car Radio
  • OMF 15X11 Type-R Rear Wheels
  • OMF 15X8 Type-R Front Wheels
  • STU Rear Paddles and Front Sand Tires
  • HCR ELITE Long Travel Kit
  • Summers Brothers Axles
  • King IBP Front and Rear Shocks
  • SDR Custom Gusset Kit
  • Assault Tie Rods
  • Assault Radius Rods

Designed, Built, and assembled, by the entire SDR Team

Look for a complete Haynie Designs Custom Paint job soon!

About SDR Motorsports:

SDR Motorsports first opened in 2008 and continues to offer only the highest quality parts and accessories from both their own in house fabrication facility and other high quality vendors they know and trust. SDR offers everything from a simple bolt on accessory to full custom turnkey builds.  SDR Motorsports is located at 235 Benjamin Dr. Corona, CA 92879.

You can find SDR Motorsports on the web atwww.sdrmotorsports.com on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/SDRMOTORSPORTSINC and on Instagram at @sdrmotorsports. To contact them via phone at 800-277-2280 or email info@sdrmotorsports.com

Read more:SDR Motorsports Company Profile

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