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TMW Off-Road El Diablo

Polaris RZR
TMW Off-Road’s “El Diablo”

TMW Offroad El Diablo
TMW’s ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000

The heart of Project El Diablo started out when TMW sat down with the motor experts at Weller Racing. They wanted the RZR XP 1000 platform, but with considerably more horse power and gears if possible. Jason Weller suggested using the engine from the Ninja ZX-14 motorcycle. Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-14R is a1,441c, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline-four engine which puts out a peak power of around 200 hp and is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Great power for a UTV, and all the fun of banging through the gears! Weller Racing put together the ZX-14R engine package for the XP 1000’s — an affordable way to get big horse power.

Weller Racing ZX-14R
Weller Racing’s ZX-14R XP 1000 Conversion

TMW then went to work on a new custom El Diablo roll cage, including a RADIUS full automotive safety glass windshield.

ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000

When it came to the overall look, TMW wanted a wider body and unique style so they hit up Glazz Craft. The Pre-runner body and dash really sets this project apart from other builds. With all this power, TMW turned there attention to the suspension. Lonestar Racing supplied their MTS suspensions–3.5 inches per side wider, 3 inches longer wheel base, and almost 20″ of wheel travel. It was the perfect choice! The shocks were re-valved by Supercross.com and they also added bigger shafts and stiffer valves and crossovers for the front.

Triple X stepped it up on the seats with a unique suede version of the Black Widow seats for ultimate comfort and style. For added safety TMW chose Simpson harnesses.

Fullerton Sand Sports STU sand tires, mounted on HiPer Racing Fusion beadlock wheels

Fullerton Sand Sports helped put the power to the sand with the 28″ STU #2 paddles and razorback front tires installed on the new HiPer Racing Fusion wheels–a perfect combination!

LED Lights
Rigid Industries LEDs plus Heretic Studios stock replacement LEDs

Rigid Industries helped light up the night. Going fast is what “El Diablo” is all about, but do that with stock headlights is not good. TMW used a combination of Rigid Industries A-Series accent lights, Dually D2 driving lights and 10 inch SR Series in the Rigid grill.

To top off this build TMW teamed up with Jerry Parkhurst and American Tradition Auto Body and picked out this amazing paint job. Doug at TMW could not be happier with the way El Diablo turned out-the look, the feel, the power. Top to bottom it did not disappoint!

Big Air in Glamis at UTV Industry Ride:

RZR Jump in Glamis

140 Foot Jump

More Photos:

ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000El Diablo

ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000

ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000ZX-14R Powered RZR XP 1000

TMW Off-Road El DiabloTMW Off-Road El Diablo
Camp RZR 2014

Build Sponsors:

  • TMW Offroad El Diablo roll cage
  • Weller Racing ZX-14R
  • Lonestar Racing MTS Suspension, Sway bar
  • Walker Evens Racing Shocks Revalved by SuperCross.com
  • Full body by Glazzkraft
  • Triple X Seats
  • Simpson Harnesses
  • Fullerton Sand Sports Sand Tires
  • Rigid Industries LED Lights and Accent Lights
  • HiPer Racing Fusion Beadlock Wheels
  • Paint by Jerry Parkhurst and American Tradition Auto Body
  • Muzzys Performance Exhaust
  • Power Commander
  • TMW steering wheel
  • Lowrance GPS
  • TMW laser etched switches
  • Heretic headlights
  • Precision Powdercoat
  • Odyssey battery
  • Quick Light whips

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