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Universal UTV Street Legal Kit now available

Marysvale, Utah
February 18, 2009: recently released a universal UTV/ATV Street Legal
kit to assist with modifying UTVs and ATVs to be compliant with street legal requirements in the newly passed Utah OHV Streel legal law SB181. The Street Legal kit includes the smallest and brightest LED turn signals on the market. This allows mounting on almost any surface of the ATV or UTV. “Space is limited on ATVs and UTVs. We’d looked at some of the turn signal kits available in other states and decided they were too bulky and just didn’t look right on an ATV or UTV”, said BulldogATV President Darin Bushman. The compact turn signal kit is designed to install easily on virtually any ATV or UTV and provides dash mounted indicator lights, four compact LED turn signal lights, a flasher module and a choice of dash mounted rubber boot covered switch for weather resistance or steering column mounted turn signal switches. “On the UTVs we have the option of an automobile style steering column mounted signal switch and combined horn button”, commented Bushman.

The kit also includes an automotive style horn designed to be much louder than standard OEM horns and includes a rubber covered weather resistant panel mounted horn button when the steering column mounted switch is not used. The panel mounted horn button can be used on either ATV or UTVs. Utah requires a lighted license plate so Bulldog ATV included LED lights and a universal license plate mounting system.

The kit includes all necessary wiring, fuses and quick connectors that limit the need for stripping wires and makes installation quick and easy. Detailed color coded instructions are included. In addition the law requires rear view mirrors that are not included in the kit but are also available from Bulldog ATV.

The Street Legal Kit provides all of the electrical and lighting requirements of the Utah Street legal OHV law making it easier for you to get legal. The kit has successfully passed inspection by multiple safety inspection technicians and has proven it fits the requirements. The kit is available at, and many motor sports dealers throughout Utah.

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