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The 4405 MFS Race-a-Thon: PLEDGE NOW to Benefit Land Use with the World’s Toughest 4×4 Off-Road Race

BlueRibbon Coalition is pleased to share with you the latest fund-raising creation of our partner and member, Kurt Schneider—a pledged-based race-a-thon connected with the famed Griffin King of the Hammers (KOH), February 8-13, 2010.

Using the world’s toughest 4×4 off-road race as the driving force, Kurt and the KOH staff have initiated pledges for land use. According to Kurt, “For the King of the Hammers 2010, we are taking pledges to land use organizations, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition, depending on how far the 4405 land-use buggy makes it in the race! Just like a pledge drive high school kids do at school for sports fundraisers!!”

“This is an awesome, hardcore desert and rock race, where only a few are left standing,” says Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador. “15,000 to 20,000 people could be on-hand to witness this event next month, and pledges to the land-use buggy will help save trails and the future of motorized recreation,” Del added.

Here’s how it works:

Travis Carpenter (Rock Zombie) is our land-use buggy driver. With title sponsor, Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS), he’s also a BFGoodrich Tires guy; with Yukon gears; a Powertank; Solid Axle dude, PRP seats, Vision X-Lights, and CoastHigh Performance Racing Engines. But mostly, Travis is a land use HERO. He’s taking the MFS buggy to KOH to help kick some land use ACCESS!

You pick your pledge amount and conditions. For example, KOH is 135 miles long this year, so if you pledge a dollar per mile, that’s $135 to the organizations, like the BlueRibbon Coalition, that you selected. Of course, in this example, Travis and the 4405 would need to make it through the entire race! Many options are available to you.


1. Pledge anything you would like per mile made in the 4405 during KOH, and pick the organization you will pledge to, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition. Pledges will be accepted until February 11th.

2. Add an additional amount pledged if Travis wins KOH. (By the way, if the 4405 wins, his team is donating $5,000 of the winnings to the BlueRibbon Coalition (

3. You also have the option for a “gutter pledge.” That is, if the buggy doesn’t start or does not complete at least 20 miles.

4. If you are not a forum/thread subscriber, you may email your pledge to: (and let him know if you want your pledge posted, or prefer to remain anonymous). We hope everyone will pledge and post up proudly so we can build an incredible list of donors.

5. After the race, please send your donation directly to the organizations you picked by March 1st. The land use buggy team folks are not collecting money except for at the race itself.

“Maybe this is just a pipe dream on my part, but think about this: If 20,000 people show up to KOH this year, and we get just 1/4 of them to pledge…at an average of $100 a person…THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST LAND-USE DONATIONS EVER,” adds Kurt.

Click here for the Pirate4×4 thread

Visit title sponsor MFS here:

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The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national (non-profit) trail-saving group that represents over 600,000 recreationists nationwide. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is beginning. Federal employees, please mark BlueRibbon Coalition and Check #11402 on your CFC pledge form to support our efforts to protect your access. Join us at 1-800-258-3742

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