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Kawasaki Teryx DASA Plenum Rings

Kawasaki Teryx Dasa Plenum Rings Review

Teryx Plenum Rings

Kawasaki Teryx Dasa Plenum Rings

Plenum Rings:

The Plenum is the small black box that sits on top of the carburetors.  The 2008 Teryx plenum is prone to coming because the area that the plenum is clamped to is made of thin material that flexes.  The common problem is the plenum slips off and now your intake is very exposed to dirt.

Dasa Racing Plenum Rings offer a solid clamping surface for both of theintake boots that will not disrupt the intake flow.

Kawasaki Teryx Plenum Rings Kawasaki Teryx Plenum Rings Teryx-  Plenum rings installed

Manufacturer Info:

DASA Racing

Dasa Racing

Phone: 951.681.1131

Website: www.dasaracing.com

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