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Team Jean XMF Polaris RZR Completes VORRA Master Pull USA 500

Fernley, NV – July 16, 2011 — It was a warm sunny weekend for the inaugural Master Pull USA 500.  We did not have time to pre run so we were asking a lot of questions at the drivers meeting and were hearing the varying opinions but the main opinion was that it was a “super fast” course.
We ended up being the only UTV so we opted for the 371 total miles in lieu of the full 528 miles.  We started last of the early starters behind 2 in the Full Metal class, 1 in class 9, 3 in class 11 and 6 in the new Zukiworld class.
At 8:42am co-driver, Sean Cook, and myself received the green flag and we were off!
We were able to pick off all but the 2 Hummers in the Full Metal class within the first 25 miles of the 35 mile leg from the Start/Finish line to Pit 1.  This leg was challenging with a mix of fire roads and some uphill rock gardens not to mention the dust as we came up on the vehicles in front of us.
We topped off our fuel at Pit 1 and headed out on the next 40 mile leg to Pit 2.  This leg started off with approximately 15 miles of wide open pole line road followed by some rolling hills, about 5 miles of silt beds and some narrow roads into Pit 2.  At 22 miles out from pit 1 we broke an axle and had to limp in for an axle change.  Thanks to our awesome pit crew co-driver, Rick Leard, and myself were back on the road in 15 minutes!
The 50 mile leg from Pit 2 to Pit 3 was mostly fire and access roads and was fairly non eventful as was the stop at Pit 3 that lasted only as long as it took it top off the tank.
The 67 mile leg from Pit 3 to Pit 1 was once again wide open in the beginning but turned into some extremely technical rock gardens and then some narrow winding roads through the hills North of Pit 1.
We completed our 371 miles in 10 hours and 30 minutes 57 minutes in front of the next racer that was doing the shorter race.
This race was the longest to date for our RZR and other than the axle the RZR proved to be very reliable.  Our ITP Baja Cross tires also proved to be the right choice as we had no flat tires.
Thank you to our sponsors:  XMF (+8 suspension & roll cage), Walker Evans shocks, Sapa Extrusions, Cal Custom Trailers & Power Sports, Pape Rentals, MUZZY Exhaust, Holz Racing Products,  Hiper Technology carbon fiber racing wheels and our new sponsor Smart Water.

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