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Sand Drag Safety is YOUR Responsibility!

A crucial and long standing part of enjoying the Dunes has always included congregating to socialize, see the latest OHV innovations and watch each other in action. These areas include Buttercup Valley, Test Hill, Patton Valley, Oldsmobile Hill, Comp Hill, and of course the Drags. With the exception of the Drags, the motorized activities occur moving away from the crowd. The activity at the Drags happens within the crowd. In light of recent tragic events on public land, there is an increased focus on the drags by the public, politicians, land managers and the OHV community. We, as the dune community, must address the issues ourselves or they will be addressed for us! Remember Comp Hill?

Public safety is a large responsibility of the BLM and one they take very seriously. The safety of their personnel is also a concern that will drive their actions. We MUST be proactive to protect this activity!
The ASA Board recommends the following at any location where a gathering of people and vehicles occurs.

The law everywhere in the dunes is 15 mph within 50-feet of people or camp.
As a spectator, you must stay back a safe distance from the action.

  • Spectator lines must be at least 200’ apart, 100’ for the drag strip and 50’ on each side for the required safety zone.
  • Do not narrow the distance between the spectator lines to see better, this places you in the path of the drag vehicles when they are at their highest speed.
  • Do not rely on spectator vehicles for your sole protection. Out of control vehicles can flip over parked vehicles.
  • Plan escape paths and always be on the alert to get out of the way of an out of control vehicle.
  • Keep children out of harm’s way, behind barriers and as protected as is possible.
  • Don’t encroach into the run-out or return lanes.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Encourage others to act as responsible spectators.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone to act appropriately.

As drivers, it is your ultimate responsibility to control speed and distance.

  • If the crowd is too close, or you can’t see the end of the course…don’t launch the vehicle.
  • Keep the racing short. Competitive drags are 100 yards…not a 1/4 mile long.
  • Use run-out area for slow down…not for show-off.
  • Return-lane speed must also obey the 15 mph/50 foot rule.
  • Be sober. DUI laws always apply.
  • Flying starts at the drags are a recipe for disaster.
  • Responsible duners never approach a jump without a spotter.
  • Wheelies limit the driver’s vehicle control.
  • Take your driving responsibilities deadly serious.

We must take responsibility for our immediate social circle to act appropriately.
Respect BLM and other enforcement personnel.

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