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Yamaha Rhino CVT Filter Installation

Yamaha Rhino CVT Filter Install

If you are worried about debris in your CVT, you can install a filter to keep the intake air clean.

Yamaha Rhino - CVT Filter

To install the CVT filter, remove the driver’s seat. The coverfor the intaketube is right there.  Remove the four phillips screws on the front of thecover and oneon the back (tilt the bed for easy access).

Yamaha Rhino - CVT Filter

Take the cover off and slip the air filter over the tube. The tube is oval so make sure your filter is snug, but not so tight that itfolds the tube.

Yamaha Rhino - CVT Filter - UNI Air Filter

Since this is a breather, it is not necessary to oil thefilter.  And make sure you keep this filter clean so it can properly cool your CVT. This is VERY important

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