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HID Wide Cornering Light Review

Wide-Cornering HID Light Review

Fuego 4-inch Wide-Cornering HID Light
Fuego 4-inch Wide-Cornering HID Light 

The stock Rhino headlights light up about 30 feet in front of the vehicle and are good for about 15 mph on night runs.  Pretty pathetic. For our Rhino Buildup, we knew that the stock lights weren’t going to cut it if we planned to ride at night. Having used HID lights in the past, they seemed like a natural fit for the Rhino’s less than thrilling low output stator. After startup, HID don’t draw a much power as halogen lights, and put out much more light. They only issue that we did not like about typical HID setups is the lights tend to focus in on a circle way out in the distance. Driving style HIDs help, but still left dark areas in our field of vision.   We heard about a solution from Baja Designs. They recently added a new wide-cornering lens to their Fuego 4-inch lighting line.  Similar to a “fog” light the wide-cornering lens is advertised to provide a smooth, evenly distributed beam that allows you to virtually see around corners. They sounded like the perfect match, so we decided that we’d give them a shot.

Rhino light bar with four 4-inch Fuego HIDs
We had our four 4-inch Fuego HIDs mounted in a light rack

Yamaha Rhino with the stock headlights on high beam

Stock headlights plus 4-inch Fuego HID driving lights

Stock headlights, driving lights plus 4-inch Fuego HIDwide-cornering light

The 4-inch wide-cornering lights perform as advertised. As you can see, they really fill in the dark spots in front and to the sides of the vehicle. The wide-cornering lights are a perfect compliment to spot or driving lights. The lights also look great, have an internal ballast, and are easy to adjust without tools.

DuneGuide.com Yamaha Rhino
A bigger view of our Rhino and light rack

This Product Review was printed in the July/August 2007 issue of Sand Sports Magazine.

More Photos:

Polaris RZR with Fuego 4-inch Wide-Cornering HID Lights Polaris RZR with Fuego 4-inch Wide-Cornering HID Lights Polaris RZR with Fuego 4-inch Wide-Cornering HID Lights

Contact Info:

Baja Designs
185 Bosstick Blvd. 
San Marcos,CA 92069 

Website: www.bajadesigns.com


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