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Delta FX Sand Tire Review

Delta FX Sand Tire Review

RZR XP 1000 with Delta FX tires
RZR XP 1000 with Delta FX Tires in Glamis

By Casey Cordeiro

Fullerton Sand Sports is a name synonymous within the sand sports world for their quality sand tire and accessory offerings. Their newest product is an 8-ply sand tire, formally known as the Delta Sand Tire. It is designed to bridge the gap between an all-desert tire and an all-sand tire, making the sand dunes a viable destination even if you have to drive over rough, desert terrain to get there.

Delta FX TireWe received the opportunity to slap these tires on our RZR XP1000 demo car at the UTV Industry Ride and see how these tires compared to others in the industry. Let’s preface that by saying we really enjoy the stock Bighorn tire setup on the RZR XP 1000, even in the sand, but the Delta takes the XP to the next level in the sand. The first thing we appreciated about this setup was the extra sidewall flex with the Delta’s. Even with an 8-ply tire, the Delta carcass still delivers ample flex when traversing dunes and hitting G-outs at speed. Coupled with the wider-offset wheels, Delta’s tire delivers in the traction department as well. We put the rear tires on traditionally with the paddles facing forward, just as you would expect. Meanwhile, we installed the front tires reversed, so, while it looked backwards, we were able to achieve a little looser front end that still steered like a RZR should. And, with the paddles switched on the front, you put less stress on your front drivetrain components. We still had plenty of traction for any situation and really enjoyed the handling characteristics of the Delta tire set up like this.

Overall, the setup was ideal for those dune-enthusiasts who might have a little bit of dirt terrain to go over from time to time and those looking for more traction and a better duning tire over the stock Bighorn setup.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 with Delta FX TiresPolaris RZR XP 1000 with Delta FX Tires

We owe a big Thank You to Fullerton Sand Sports for letting us try these tires out at this year’s UTV Industry Ride! For more information on the Delta sand tires, click on over to their website at www.fullertonsandsports.com or give them a call.

Action photos by Neal Rideout

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