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Polaris RZR Permitted on Wayne National Forest Trail System


Vehicle complies with the maximum 50-inch width limit
By Gary C. Chancey, Public Affairs Officer

Nelsonville, Ohio (March 13, 2009) – Managers of Ohio’s longest designated off-highway vehicle (OHV) trail system are giving the green light to one of the most popular OHVs on the market. The Wayne National Forest is allowing the new Polaris RZR 50-inch wide vehicle to be used on its motorized trail system. However, the Polaris RZR-S model is not permitted, because it is over 50 inches wide.

The decision was reached after a recent field test of the RZR on the Monday Creek ATV Trail System near Nelsonville. Forest staff, representatives from American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and All-terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA), Polaris Industries, and other local ATV partners tested the vehicle.
Results from the field test found the RZR to have similar maneuverability on the trails as any traditional 50-inch wide ATV. It should be noted that because of the tight bridge width clearance of many of the Wayne’s trail bridges, riders should take extra precautions and “square up” the vehicle before crossing.
The public is allowed to use any ATV on the Forest’s designated motorized trail system as long as the vehicle complies with the maximum 50-inch width limit. The RZR is exactly 50-inch wide if equipped with stocked tires. However, a change to the tires or adding any after-market accessories that causes the vehicle to be wider than 50 inches is not allowed.

The Wayne’s trail system will be open for riding on Wednesday, April 15th. The Forest reminds riders to register their vehicle with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and purchase a Wayne Trail Permit before riding the trails. Trail permits may be purchased at the Wayne National Forest Headquarter near Nelsonville, Ohio, at Forest Ranger District offices, or any of the 26 participating vendor locations. For a list of vendor locations, visit the Forest’s web site.

Wayne National Forest offers 121 miles of designated motorized trail system on the Athens & Ironton Ranger District. There are no designated motorized trails on the Forest’s Marietta Unit. Annually, more than 40,000 visitors experience the Forest trails.
For more information about recreation opportunities on the Wayne National Forest, visit the Forest’s web site at or contact the following Forest District Offices: Athens – (740) 753-0101; Marietta – (740) 373-9055; Ironton – (740) 534-6500.

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