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Elka Elite 46mm Race Shocks

Elka Elite 46mm Shocks

Elka Suspension - Elite 46mm Rhino Shocks
Elka Suspension-Elite 46mm Rhino Shocks

Elka just released this new shock in 2006. They 46mm Elites aren’tsome made over ATV shocks.  They are a new ground up design made specificallyfor UTVs. The bigger diameter and remote reservoirs allow more oil displacementfor better control of the damping and cooler operating temperature. The EliteSeries also features high and low-speed compression adjustment, providingmaximum adjustability for optimal traction and control.

Elka Elite shock adjustment options and their benefits

Elka Elite - Threaded preload adjustment

Threaded preload adjustment

This adjustment is standard on all Elka Suspension shock absorbers. It provides ride-height adjustability and compensates for additional weight when charging. A special tool is provided.

Elka Elite - Switchable crossover spacers

Switchable crossover spacers

All Elka Suspension shock absorbers have multi-spring configurations that feature switchable crossover spacers. These plastic spacers between the springs control the transition between the different springs, thus altering the overall spring rate. You can switch the orientation to choose between a supple ride and a more responsive one.

Elka Elite - Rebound adjustment

Rebound adjustment

This adjustment provides proper traction by keeping the wheels on the ground. It is also needed when charging. The rebound adjustment controls how fast the wheels will come back to full extension after an impact. Turn it clockwise to slow down the rebound or counter-clockwise to speed it up.

Elka Elite - High- and low-speed compression adjustment

High- and low-speed compression adjustment

This device allows for independent adjustment of the shock absorber’s high- and low-speed compression damping stages to deliver both optimum reactivity to small bumps and the right resistance for large impacts. The high-velocity damping for big hits, sharp edges and jumps can be fine-tuned independently from the low-velocity damping for turning, cornering and accelerating.

Contact Info:

Website: www.elkasuspension.com

Phone: 800-557-0552

1585-M De Coulomb
Boucherville, Quebec
Canada, J4B 8J7

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