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OMF Performance Products Super Lite Drain Hole Beadlock

Once again the crew at OMF Performance Products, Inc. has added more value to one of the best beadlocks in the industry with their new Super Lite Drain Hole Beadlock kit.  This beadlock can be purchased on a new wheel from OMF, and it is offered as a conversion if you would like to send your own wheel to have the beadlock installed.  Like their original Scalloped Beadlocks, the Super Lite Drain Hole Beadlock is built from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum plate making it extremely durable.  That is where the similarities end, once in one of OMF’s six CNC machines, pockets and ejection ports are machined around the beadlock ring decreasing the weight, adding a custom style, and most importantly allowing for water, mud, sand, and other debris to drain out.  This beadlock assembly is so light that on an OMF 12×6 Outlaw Type R wheel with the Super Lite Drain Hole beadlock the total weight is only 8.065 lbs per wheel!!  Custom sizes, bolt patterns, styles, and colors are available, and if you aren’t in the market for a new wheel, please remember that OMF Performance can install their beadlocks on almost any existing wheel, new or used!  Contact OMF Performance Products for details.

OMF Performance Products, Inc. is a Riverside, California based manufacturing corporation that has been in business continuously since 1982, which specializes in hi-performance wheel modifications, such as beadlocks and reinforcing rings, for ATV’s, UTV’s, Trucks, Rock Crawlers, Sand Buggies, Off-Road Race Vehicles, Drag Cars, and custom applications.

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