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New Big Bore Polaris RZR Engine Kit from Holz and Kroyer

Big Bore that is! Holz Racing Products has been working with Kroyer Racing Engines for a while and now they have a kit for all you power hungry RZR riders!
The stock Polaris motor is only 760cc, but the Kroyer Racing Engines big bore kit will increase the bore size to 787cc and include a new cylinder that has already been bored and re-nikasil coated; (2) CP 81.5mm big bore pistons; new base gasket and big-bore head gasket. Increases power and torque throughout entire RPM range. Designed by Kroyer Racing Engines and distributed solely by Holz Racing Products.
Big Bore Cylinder Features:

– CNC bored cylinder ensures accuracy and consistency.

– Nickel Silicon Carbide cylinder coating (Nikasil)

– Refundable Core charge.

CP Piston Features:

-Each big bore piston is machined from designated forgings on a state of the art 5-axis machine and is 45 grams lighter than the OEM pistons and 5 grams lighter than the closest competitor’s pistons.

– Dry Film Lubrication Coating on piston skirts for increased longevity and reduced friction.- Oversized Valve Pockets designed to work with oversized valves.

– WPC hard treated wrist pins for extreme durability.

– Double Pin Oilers provide twice as much lubrication to the wrist pin.

– Anti Detonation Grooves limit the piston/cylinder contact during high temp and RPM.

– Accumulator Groove collects excess blow by and residual gases during combustion and alleviates top ring flutter while increasing ring seal.

– X-Forging.

This design enables the use of a shorter pin for added strength and overall weight savings.

– Optimized Cam and Barrel= Tighter clearances; Less noise; Better ring seal; More power; Increased durability.
And if that’s not enough they will also be offering a Stage 3 Motor Kit with even more go fast goodies!
Kroyer Stage II Engine Kit - Polaris RZRStage II RZR Kit

Stage 3 Motor Kit info:
– Ported head w/ oversize valves and high performance springs.
– Valve Train kit
– Cam, Lifters, Push Rods
– Big bore Cylinder & Piston Kit
– Bored TB & billet intake
– New Fuel Controller with proper fuel map.
– Adjustable PRV-Holz Spec Clutching
– Gasket kit-Break-in oil & filter

Kroyer Stage III Engine Kit - Polaris RZRStage III RZR Big Bore Kit

About Holz Racing Products:

For the past 10 years, Holz Racing Products has engineered and extreme tested the finest quality, most effective performance parts available for UTV, ATV and snowmobile applications. Manufactured in the USA and race tested around the world, HRP leads the field in Polaris RZR accessories and performance products. For more information visit their website at or call 360-398-7006

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