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Mystik Lubricants to Dominate Off-Road Racing with rOtation Motorsports Sponsorship

Polaris RZR XP4 1000
Baja 500

HOUSTON— June 24, 2015 — Mystik® Lubricants is sponsoring rOtation Motorsports, a sports management and entertainment company active in several off-road utility terrain vehicle (UTV) races while managing a full roster of action sports athletes, including Colten Moore, Wes Miller, Tommy Scranton, Ryan Springer, Jordy Reed and BC Vaught. Mystik Lubricants will debut in rOtation Motorsports’ first entry into a Pro Lite truck racing series featuring Colten Moore.

“I’m always pushing it hard and looking for ways to progress,” said Colten Moore, action sports athlete and multiple X Games gold medalist. “I’m looking forward to a great year and having the support of Mystik and their products to keep facing every new challenge thrown at me.”

Polaris RZR XP 1000
GNCC Racing
“UTV and truck racing take driving to the extreme,” said Karl Schmidt, general manager of Mystik Lubricants. “Between the tight courses, off-road conditions and rough riding, it’s a great way for us to demonstrate how our products hold up in the toughest of real-world situations.”

Along with Colten Moore’s participation in the Nitro Circus worldwide tour, upcoming events where rOtation Motorsports athletes will compete include: The Off-Road Racing Championship (TORC), Grand National Cross Country (GNCC), Best in the Desert, Baja 500 (Norte), and Baja 1000.

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The Off-Road Racing Championship (TORC)
The Off-Road Racing Championship (TORC)
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