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Marshall County, KY, Uses FEMA Reimbursements and DHS Grant Funds for “Medical Gator”

Marshall County EMS, based in Benton, KY, serves residents and tourist of this southwestern
Kentucky community, bordering Kentucky Lake, and the “Land Between The Lakes” recreation
area. Recently, they placed into service a John Deere Gator 4X4 XUV outfitted with a MedLite™
EMS insert in the cargo bed. The medical insert allows for safe transport of a patient on a long
spine board, or packaged in a Stoke’s type basket stretcher or litter. It includes an adjustable
attendant’s seat and a storage compartment with slide out tray for EMS equipment.

Marshall County EMS Medical Gator on standby at 2010 “Tater Days” event in Benton, KY.
LEFT: Brian Harrison, EMT-B RIGHT: Bryan Cutsinger, Paramedic / Supervisor

The Gator 4X4 utility vehicle was funded by ‘Marshall County Fiscal Court’ through allocation of
FEMA reimbursement monies from the 2009 winter ice storm that struck this region. Funding
for the MedLite™ medical insert was obtained through a US Department of Homeland Security
grant administered by Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security. Along with the Gator and EMS
insert, a 20 foot long ‘Special Response Support Trailer’ was purchased to house and transport
the off road rescue equipment county wide during major emergencies. Additionally, this trailer
has been outfitted with medical, rescue, communications, and command supplies for use as a
forward command post during disaster responses throughout the region.

During the parade, four 911 calls for medical emergencies within the city were dispatched.
Due to its’ small size and maneuverability, the “Gator” was first on scene with Paramedics.

Emergency services administrators realized the need for this equipment during the 2009 winter
ice storm. Due to the numerous blocked roads caused by this regional natural disaster, health
and welfare visits to elderly and infirm citizens were almost impossible. Plus, some emergency
transports were delayed for days due to restricted access by conventional emergency vehicles.
The Gator’s size and 4-wheel drive would have allowed it to go around many of these obstacles
to reach those in need. Also, Marshall County EMS responds to several ATV, hiking, boating
and hunting accidents every year. As such, the addition of this 4X4 off road emergency vehicle
will improve response times and enhance the safety of both emergency personnel and patients.

For more information on the “Gator” project contact Marshall County EMS at: 270-527-1243

For more information on MedLite™ medical UTV inserts please visit:

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