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Light Cannon LED Light by Vision X Lighting

Algona, WA (7/17/13) – The recent debut of the 4.5″ Light Cannon has rocked the lighting industry by providing an affordable high performance option to both traditional halogen and modern LED lighting. The Light Cannon combines multiple technologies including, a large proprietery IRIS reflector with an exclusive single 25 watt Luminus big chip LED to provide 1000′ of usable light, in a lightweight, easy-to-mount design. Available cover filters change beam patterns and light color in a snap! Shining distance and versatility per dollar is unrivaled.

So what does 1000 feet of Usable Light really mean?
Vision X defines Usable Light as: The furthest distance at which 1 lux of light is present, typically enough light to read a standard newspaper (Young-ins you’ll need to Google: newspaper). The 4.5″ Light Cannon actually shines beyond 1000′, however Usable Light at 1 lux is really what the user wants to know. For the sports fans, that’s over 3 football fields of usable light, not bad for only $229 MSRP.

See how Vision X Lighting is progressing LED Lighting with the 4.5″ Light Cannon LED:

Vision X 4.5″ Light Cannon LED Video:

Enter the “Show Us Your Cannons” Print & Cut Photo Contest:

Two 4.5″ Light Cannons (CTL-CPZ110KIT) installed on Arctic Cat Wildcat, stock headlights off. 10 Degree Spot pattern with no beam filters still provides a large lighting area with long distance. Photo by Jon Crowley/

Vision X 4.5″ Light Cannon Kit (CTL-CPZ110KIT) accompanied by 40″ Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED bar (XIL-PX7210).

Vision X 4.5″ Light Cannon LEDs with Euro covers mounted on Jeep JK A-Pillar mounts.

Available Covers:

Summary of Features:
– 1000′ of Usable Light
– 25 watt Luminus Single LED for Smoothest Pattern
– 4.5″ Round with 10° Narrow Beam, Optional Snap on Filters
– 12 Optional Snap on Driving Filters – Spot, Euro, Flood and Clear, Blue, Amber, Red
– Optional Black Out filter with Glow In The Dark “X”

– Universal Single Bolt Mounting
– Ultra Lightweight 2 lb Hybrid Construction
– Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
– Prime Drive for Enhanced Reliability and Output
– Integrated Electronic Thermal Management
– Polycarbonate Lens
– IP-68 Waterproof
– Weatherproof Deutsch Connector

Description MSRP
4.5″ Light Cannon LED Light $229
4.5″ Light Cannon LED Light Kit
Includes: 2 Lights and Wiring Harness
4.5″ Light Cannon LED Cover/Filters $19 ea.

For more information visit or call a lighting specialist at 1-888-489-9820. For latest news, photos and contests visit

About Vision X Lighting:
Vision X Lighting, located in Seattle, Washington, was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Since that time, Vision X Lighting has created one of the largest premium lighting offerings in the world with hundreds of products and applications. The military, border patrol, and even NASA have trusted Vision X Lighting on vehicles that cannot work with second best. Vision X Lighting has lead the lighting industry growing 759% in the past 3 years which placed them on the 2012 INC 5000 list at 503, 10th overall in manufacturing and 10th in the Seattle Washington area. Vision X Lighting’s commitment to its customers, dealers and product is unsurpassed.

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