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King of the Hammers UTV race continues in 2011

King of the Hammers UTV Race

Thanks to our friends in the UTV industry, the 2011 King of the Hammers UTV Race should be the best to date. The just over 40-mile course will feature two rock trails this year, as well as some extremely technical trail sections. Two wide open smooth sections will guarantee that the UTVs will hit the top speed marks. Ultra4 KOH teams who wish to race in the UTV race may do so, as the course is set up to allow them to return before the start of the KOH driver’s meeting.

The KOH racecourse is closed to pre-running on Thursday in order to accommodate the UTV race as key features are shared. 2011 will see the expansion of the UTV race within the Ultra4 series as we set our sites on the October 20th Ultra4 Grand Prix at Glen Helen Raceway. UTVs will race a stand alone 1 hour race just before the Ultra4 main event.

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