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DragonFire Racing Rock Solid Trail Capable Components
DragonFire Racing Rock Solid Trail Capable Components
Discover The Entire Range Of RockSolid Trail Capable Components
Mesa, AZ February 11, 2013 — Perhaps better known for their red hot racing components, DragonFire’s design team is charting an entirely new course for 2013. The entire RockSolid range is intended to make the RZR more trail capable, exploring a whole new direction for this Baja-winning business. Fans of the Destination Polaris TV show did get a sneak peek at some of the RockSolid products last season, but that was just kindling for the conflagration that is coming!
“We have lit a fire under our designers and fabricators,” jokes DragonFire’s national sales manager Brice Ginn. “Our ‘engineered performance’ mandate has resulted in superior functionality and enhanced performance for every single RockSolid component.” Dealers attending the Dealer Expo tradeshow in Indianapolis this weekend will be the first to discover just how comprehensive the new adventure-oriented accessory line-up really is.
“There is everything from our proprietary ProSpec shocks by Elka to the removable LED dome light kits,” Brice adds. Some elements such as the RZR cage cover brackets, which were released as a holiday stocking stuffer, have already proven to be extremely popular, but there are still plenty of surprises in store in Indy. “Our RockSolid winch-capable front bumper, RZR hood saver kit, Jr. Navigator bars and several other brand new products should stand out at the trade show.”
Speaking of standing out, it was tough to miss DragonFire’s SafariRacks when they made their debut on the Project X RZR XP 4 900 on TV last season, especially when the high-intensity LED lights are cranked up. “Not to give away too many secrets, but the SafariRack is coming for two-seaters… honestly though, I think people will be overwhelmed by the integrated look of the RockSolid components when taken in their entirety,” says Ginn.
Or for the really adventurous types, go straight to the source @ to discover the RockSolid line for yourself. While you are navigating your way around the world wide web, be sure to “Like” DragonFire on Facebook.

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