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Checkered Flag Program at the Imperial Sand Dunes

With the dune season fast approaching, every dune user needs to think about safety and passing the safety message on to our fellow duners. The endorsement of the Checkered Flag program helps to inform others of the responsibilities we hold in respecting others and the environment. Make sure you fly your checkered flag and let other duners know that you have respect for other people, safety and the environment and that you act in a responsible manner.

We also want to remind you there are a number of new rules that will be enforced in the ISDRA this season. Many of these new rules are common sense based, and include examples such as the prohibition of burning any wood containing metal, including pallets, so please leave your pallets at home, and bring only metal free wood with you to burn. Another example is public nudity, remember this is a family recreation sport, and nudity is not appropriate for any public use areas. Lastly, though the trash situation has gotten better over the years, it still remains a large problem in the camping areas and around the popular gathering areas such as – Competition Hill and Oldsmobile Hill. Please remember to pack out what you’ve packed in. These and all of the new rules can be found at:! fo/cdd/cdd_supplementary.html

So with all that being said, have fun, be safe, and keep it upright this season. The aSa is offering a free classic checkered flag and new pledge card with purchases made online or at one of our events. Proudly fly the Checkered Flag on your sand toy and show your support for doing the right thing.

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