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Celebrities Speak Out on Behalf of FAST-Aid, Companies Donate Large Sums, Fundraisers Being Planned for California 200 Accident

MESA, AZ – AUGUST 24, 2010: Jesse James as seen on Access Hollywood, BJ Baldwin, Andy McMillin, Roger Norman, Chaplain Steve Hanson and a dozen other celebrities, racers and off road industry leaders have spoken in public support for continuing the effort of generous response for the families of the casualties and the injured at the MDR California 200 off road race accident that happened August 14th. “So many people have contributed in so many ways. I am appreciative of Jesse James being willing to make positive use of the spotlight that has been cast on him. He single-handedly was able to put our cause on national television and show America what an incredible group of people the off-road family can be,” said Jared Tetzlaff, President of FAST-Aid. (All Public Service Announcement speakers are listed below with the link to the appropriate Video)

To date, the California 200 fund has exceeded $120,000 with a response from over 800 generous donors. Multiple large donations have been received from Mango Racing, 4 Wheel Parts, Green Army Racing, Fox Racing Shox, BC Racing, Cameron Steele Desert Assassins/Yokohama TT #16,, JSI Motorsports, Parkhouse Tires, The Factory Racing, Reid Products, and Canidae Racing Team.

The FAST-Aid team feels they are still over $50,000 away from their goal to properly assist the families, injured and those in need of emotional support if they were at the scene of the accident. The donation page is still active at, and there are multiple fundraising events being created all over the US. Every Dezert People 8 premier will be a fundraising point and you can meet the FAST-Aid group at the SCORE Primm 300 race.

“Our family did not have extra money to pay for funeral costs. We don’t even know what we would do if it wasn’t for your help,” wrote a family member of the deceased in a note to FAST-Aid. The FAST-Aid board of directors has been working hard to contact the families of those hurt or deceased in the California 200 accident and let them know about the assistance available to them as a result of the incredible outpouring of support from the off-road family. Many families have been contacted and financial assistance has already begun to be sent out.

President Jared Tetzlaff states, “The entire board of directors has had a heavy heart this week in talking with those affected by the California 200 accident. We have been available to listen to families work through their grief as well as provide answers to how they will be able to honor the lives of their loved ones. The only benefit this all-volunteer board receives is seeing the families being less burdened during this difficult time when we’re able to be there to listen and provide financial assistance to them. All of the Fast-Aid volunteers have worked tirelessly this last week to ensure that the off-road family is taken care of and as sad as this tragedy is, we are all honored to do so. FAST-Aid is so proud of the off-road community and it’s response. Many people have given money, many people have given their time, and many people have given their name or expertise to help further this cause and it all makes a difference in the lives we are trying to impact.”

FAST-Aid, similar in nature to the Red Cross, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial, educational and personal assistance to injured racers, support teams and their families as well as ensures the necessary support is in place to complete a thorough recovery and rehabilitation from motor sports racing incidents.

To donate specifically to help the California 200 casualties, please go to and note “California 200” on your donation and 100% of the funds received will be applied to assisting their families in this difficult time. Donations are tax-deductible. We are paying expenses directly to the people they owe money to. If they have already put expenses on a credit card, they will provide receipts for reimbursement or we will pay the credit card directly. This is the policy for all racers we help.

About FAST-Aid – FAST-Aid has been helping the off road racing community since April 2009 and has been called to assist in many different circumstances. The board consists of nine racers, crew members, community and industry supporters. FAST-Aid a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of supplying financial and emotional assistance to off-roaders injured at racing events.

President of FAST-Aid Jared Tetzlaff quote: “Our role is not to assign blame or liability, but is strictly to do everything we can to be there to assist the casualties and their families in the aftermath of this tragedy. We will continue to coordinate all of our resources to help comfort and provide assistance to those involved.” Blog

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