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Polaris RZR 1000
1910 LSR Polaris RZR 1000

Mesa Arizona – Bluewater Desert Challenge is a unique format. Two days of racing on the shores of the Colorado river make this race a fan favorite. Your total time decides your overall position for the weekend.

Dan Fisher in the 1910 LSR Polaris RZR 1000 started forth off the line. Two cars start side x side, a drag race ensues as the driver push their machine into the rising sun and the lingering dust hovering just feet above the desert floor. Being first into the desert is in a win in itself.

There is no prerunning for this race. So Dan would use his first lap to learn the course and feel out the machine. After an issue free first lap and as they passed where everyone was camping they started getting a noise. No clue what it was but did not take long till they knew it was a major issue. As the pulled of the course to inspect the machine they heard a loud crash from the back and they knew this was not a belt. A bearing failed in the tranny and it made a mess of things. They say to always trust your gut, when we asked Dan what happened he said “I have a feeling this is collateral damaged from when we got hit at Vegas to Reno”. On the track its a battle but off the track UTV racers are like family. Branden Sims and he had a spare tranny. Team LSR tore into machine and repaired it for the Sunday race.

On Sunday Dan was not able to race because his family was getting a new member. So Garrick Lastra would take over the driving duties. This was Garrick’s first desert race. By day he is one of LSR’s lead fabricator and an excellent driver. The course took a beating on Saturday from the unlimited classes. The rolling whoops were now huge square edged pits. Things were going smooth till they blew a belt and at the same time notice a flat time. Easy fix back on course and moving up the ranks steady. Running a solid pace all day with a few miles left for the day power issues and could not get back up and running. This was not our weekend for sure but LSR was out there in full force and had a great time. Cannot wait to tackle this course again next year and will come home with one of those finish pins!!!

LSR would like to thank all their great sponsors.

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