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Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 Review

Arctic Cat Prowler 700 Review

Arctic Cat Prowler 700
Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 EFI

Arctic Cat Prowler 650 - Side-by-side Vehicle
Arctic Cat Prowler 650

Prowler 100 XTZ Review

A few comparisons to the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger RZR

The Prowler is the wider and heavier than a Rhino. It has moresuspension travel, and has more ground clearance than the Rhino. Part of theground clearance is due to the Prowler’s 26″ stock tires vs. the Rhino’s25″ stock tires.

Side-by-side Comparison: Rhino vs. RZR vs. Prowler
Rhino vs. RZR vs. Prowler

The Prowler is almost 7″ wider, 1.5″ longer and 100lbs. heavier than a Rhino. They both have enough room in the bed where peopleare making them into four seaters.

The engines are both four-stroke and have nearly the same displacement. Neither have electronic fuel injection which is a bit of a disappointment.

The Prowler seats sits higher so the center of gravity is also moved up. The wider stance of the Prowler helps counter balance the effect, but the Prowler’s biggest downfall is its tippy feeling on side hills.

Seats sit high in the Prowler which raise the center of gravity
The Prowler’s seats sit even higher than the Rhino and much high than the Polaris RZR.

Arctic Cat Prowler Seat Height

The biggest drawback to the Prowler is its’ high center of gravity.  The seats are more than 6″ higher than a Rhino.  You literally have to climb up into the Prowler.


Arctic Cat Prowler Hitch

The Prowler’s hitch is 2″ which is nice, but it is not strong enough to handle a heavy trailer even though the towing capacity is rated at 1500 lbs.

Ground Clearance

Arctic Cat Prowler - Ground Clearance Arctic Cat Prowler Ground Clearance

The Arctic Cat Prowler has great ground clearance – higher than the Rhino, RZR and Ranger.

Seat Belts

Arctic Cat Prowler Seat Belt

The Arctic Cat Prowler comes from the factory with lap belts – no shoulder straps.  Don’t expect to do much sport type riding without moving to a 4 or 5 point harness setup.  It just is not safe.

Roll Cage

Arctic Cat Prowler Roll Cage

Arctic Cat is the only UTV manufacturer that uses box tubing for the roll cage.

New for 2008

  • Engine – 695cc, EFI, DOHC 4-stroke, 4-valve, single-cylinder, liquid cooled engine
  • Less Noise: The new engine air-intake system, muffler and exhaust pipe reduce noise level.Reduced Sound – Intake, Airbox and Exhaust system combined result in a 55% noise reduction over 2007 model.
  • Standard Features: Standard features include front and rear 2-inch receiver hitches, molded nonskid flooring, dual 12V accessory plugs, under-hood storage and a hideaway glove box.
  • Gauge: Easy-to-Read digital Instrumentation featuring mph, km/h, odometer, dual trip, hours, clock, fuel level and gear position indicators.
  • Tilt Steering And More: Tilt wheel steering provides easy, smooth steering even in 4-wheel drive. The Prowler also boasts one of the shortest turning radiuses of any 4-wheel-drive utility vehicle. The XTX comes with tilt steering and hydraulic front and rear disc brakes plus a fully automatic transmission.
  • Ground Clearance: The Prowler rises to any occasion with 13-inches of industry leading ground clearance complemented by an independent suspension system with sway bar.
  • Fully Independent Suspension: 10-inches of front and rear suspension travel will make you feel right at home in most any terrain.

Aftermarket parts

The Prowler and Rhino both have lots of simple bolt-on type accessories, but the Rhino is the current king of the dunes due in part to the availability of aftermarket suspension products. 

Arctic Cat Prowler - Rubicon Trail
Arctic Cat Prowler with aftermarket roll cage

More Photos:

Arctic Cat Prowler - Side view with bed tilted   Arctic Cat Prowler - Air Intake is behind the seats   Arctic Cat Prowler - Dash

Arctic Cat Prowler at the UTV Rally in Moab  Arctic Cat Prowler at the UTV Rally in Moab


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