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2010 Perris Auto Speedway Stadium Off Road Series Announced

Perris Auto Speedway President Don Kazarian announced today a new Off Road Series for 2010. The Perris Auto Speedway Stadium Off Road Series (PASSORS) will make its debut on February 13th and 14th and yes, Kazarian is excited about the upcoming season. “We can’t wait to debut our new series this next February,” he said on Friday morning. “This series will be similar to what we ran in 2009; however we will not be co-promoting any of the events. I want to thank both Ken and Travis from M4SX for co-promoting the events last year and I look forward to possibly working with them in the future”.

So what is going to be different in the new series? The first difference according to Kazarian is he is planning on splitting the Stadium Modified Kart class into two separate classes. “After watching the racing last year the 450’s had a significant advantage over the 250’s even with the weight rule,” he said “We are not only separating the class, we plan on running them in completely different races. Just by adding weight to the 450’s clearly does not make them equal. If you think of it, the jump from a Junior 2 Kart into a 450 is a big jump. This way if the driver is not ready for the 450 he or she can work their way up by competing in the 250 class. We hope this move will help increase the Kart counts and let the kids compete on a level playing field”.

“Secondly, we are guaranteeing a purse for the top 10 competitors in the Stadium Limited and Stadium Unlimited Pro Buggy classes. The winner of the Stadium Unlimited Pro Buggy class will walk a way with $1,000 and the winner of the Stadium Limited class will be awarded $600. We tried different payouts last year that did not get the attention of the many competitors in both these divisions. We think by guaranteeing a $4,000 purse for the Stadium Unlimited Pro class and a $2,575 purse for the Stadium Limited class we should produce full fields.” Kazarian was asked if this is the only purse change he was planning for next year? “No sir! Next year we will be paying a $550 purse to the top three in every Kart Class excluding the Junior 1 Stock Class. In addition, the Stadium Unlimited UTV class will have a guaranteed purse of $1,325.” He was also asked if this series will have Season Ending Points Champions? “Yes, each class will have a Champion crowned at the end of the year. We will be awarding Championship points in both the Qualifying Heats and the Main Events”. When asked about a points fund, Kazarian said, “Without major Sponsorship we can not guarantee a points fund at this time, but don’t count it out in the future”.

What other divisions will compete next year in PASSORS? “The Quads will be back next year with Pro, Amateur and Junior divisions. As far as the Stadium Trucks we will have an announcement soon on the specifics for this class. We have a total of 14 classes within the series”.

So how does this Series stack up against the TORC Series and the Lucas Oil Off Road Series? “This series excluding the major truck classes and television will be on the same professional level as both of those series,” Kazarian said. “This series should be one the top Off Road Short Course Series in the country. The PAS is truly one of the premier facilities in the country and the Stadium style off road racing is up close and right in your face! This series is for the whole family to enjoy. Additionally, this series is for the younger and older competitors to get seat time and experience should they choose to compete in the elite off road divisions in those two series. We want this series to be fun for all the competitors. This series will be run by a professional staff and will produce stiff competition on the different off road tracks that we build”.

You mentioned the different tracks; do you have something new for 2010? “Even though all eight rounds will be here at the PAS each track we build is different. I think we have come a long way in track construction and track prep. I have the whole off season to think about new layouts for next year. So of course, you will see something completely different than last year. One of the positives of this series is it is affordable, you do not have to travel a long distance and each track is different”.

You asked how does a potential Sponsor find out more information regarding the opportunities within this Series and The PAS? “That’s easy,” the longtime promoter said with a smile. “Contact Tanner Watson at (951) 940-0134 and she can answer any and all questions that someone might have”.

What about the racers, how do they find out more about the new series? “All the information is available on our website this includes the Event Calendar, Event Schedules, General Rules, Class Rules, Entry Fees, Race Format and Payouts. They can also call the office at (951) 940-0134.”

The Schedule consists of seven weekends with a total of eight rounds. The 2010 events dates are as follows; February 13th and 14th, March 20th, May 8th, June 5th, July 17th, August 21st and September 25th. There will be a Friday Night Practice before each event that is open to all competitors as well.

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