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Battle of the Builders – RZR XP 4 1000

Battle of the Builders - RZR XP 4 1000

The Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 was unveiled over Halloween 2013 at Camp RZR in Glamis. The RZR XP 4 1000 is powered by the same 999cc ProStar Twin-cylinder engine as the XP 1000 that puts out 107 horsepower.  The suspension on the XP 4 1000 is the same as the XP 1000; 3-Link Trailing Arm Independent Rear Suspension (IRS).The XP 4 1000 is 12 inches longer than the XP 4 900 and the wheelbase is 10 inches longer, so that makes the new XP 4 an excellent dune UTV right out of the box.Media outlets arrived to the Glamis dunes and picked up the keys to our shiny new demo units. After a fun weekend with the cars in stock trim, Jon Crowley of UTVGuide.net sent his car home with TMW Off-Road and Joey DiGiovanni of UTVUnderground.com had SDR Motorsports take his XP4.

Joey and Jon left the dunes and went directly to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. They both talked about their plans, and before long “Battle of the Builders” was born. The theory was to do two full builds without talking about them so we would end up with two unique cars.

“Having a young family who loves to off-road, the RZR XP 4 1000 platform is very appealing,” said Joey DiGiovanni of UTVUnderground.com. “And the customization available from aftermarket accessories allows me to personalize the machine to my needs.”

TMW and SDR are two of the industry’s leading full-custom shops, offering everything from cages and doors to all-out builds. Both companies have the tightest fit and finish in the aftermarket industry, producing show cars that are turn-key dune-shredding machines.

SDR Motorsports is based in Corona, California with roots in the off-road industry.  Founded in 2008 by Tim Berendes, formerly of PDS Fabrication, the Southern California fabrication powerhouse has a very impressive assembly shop where new cars come in stock, and come out works of art.

TMW Offroad was founded in 2006 during the early rise of the UTV industry. Based in Mesa, Arizona, TMW’s backyard is a formidable testing ground for their safety and suspension equipment. Owner Doug Tyler is a UTV enthusiast, and has a vast knowledge of off-road racing and development. TMW also offers complete vehicle builds.

Knowing that the 3rd Annual UTV Industry Ride was to be held in Glamis Sand Dunes at the end of February, Jon and Joey both made plans with their builders for the unveil. Both TMW and SDR worked tirelessly to ensure everything was ready and the plan was executed perfectly on Saturday morning of the Industry Ride.Although both cars started with bone stock XP4s, they look quite different with the orange vs. black/brown color schemes. And under the covers it is great to see different accessories highlighted on each build. For example, Jon chose to feature Vision X lights, while Joey went with Rigid Industries. Joey used Walker Evans shocks, while Jon chose a newcomer to the UTV market and went with JRi shocks. TMW works with Wolf Designs for graphics on their builds and SDR uses ProLine Wraps.

“For both builds to be added to the extremely busy schedules at these shops and then show up on schedule and work flawlessly speaks volumes to the quality of these builders,” said Jon Crowley of UTVGuide.net.These cars are surprisingly nimble for their size, and still able to haul four adults through the dunes in comfort. Both cars turned out super clean and are built to be used hard.  And that is exactly what these guys intend to do. Take a look at the specs and photos and you will see for yourself that these XP4s are not only head-turners, but are very functional as well.

Stay tuned to both sites as Jon and Joey get out and enjoy their RZRs.

TMW Off-Road RZR XP4 1000


  • TMW Off-Road – Roll Cage, Front Bumper, Doors, Electrical, Custom Rocker Switches, Full Vehicle Assembly
  • JRi Shocks – JRide Electronically Adjustable Shocks
  • Lonestar Racing – Factory Replacement Suspension
  • HiPer Technology- Carbon Fiber Billet-Center Wheels
  • Fullerton Sand Sports – 28” Sand Blaster and Razor Blaster Tires
  • Wolf Designs – Graphics Wrap
  • Vision X – 30” Xmitter Lo Profile Xtreme LED Bar with Side Mounts – Combo Pattern (10 degree narrow and 40 degree wide), LED Light Cannons with Amber Spot Covers, 2″ Solstice Solo Cornering Lights, Back-up 12” Xmitter Lo Profile Xtreme LED Bar,  and Accent Lights
  • Triple X Seats – Black Widow Suspension Seats
  • EPI Performance – Clutch Kit
  • Sparks Racing – X-6 Dual Exhaust and Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition Control
  • SickStick.com – Lighted Whips
  • Axia Alloys – Mirrors, Fire Extinguisher and mount
  • Rugged Radios- RRP686 Revolution Series 5 Place Intercom, Vertex 50w Race Radio Kit

TMW Off-Road RZR XP 4 1000Custom RZR XP 4 1000

Lonestar Racing - XP 1000 Factory Replacement Suspension JRide Electronically Adjustable ShocksRugged Radios- RRP686 Revolution Series 5 Place Intercom, Vertex 50w Race Radio Kit

Sparks Racing – X-6 Dual ExhaustLonestar Racing - XP 1000 Factory Replacement Suspension Vision X 2" Solstice Solo Cornering LightsVision X LED Light Cannons with Amber Spot Covers

Triple X Seats Black Widow Suspension Seats with Simpson HarnessesJRi Shocks28” Sand Blaster and Razor Blaster Tires on HiPer Beadlock WheelsSTU Razor tires on HiPer Carbon Fiber Wheels

SDR Motorsports RZR XP4 1000


  • SDR Motorsports- Roll Cage, Doors, Electrical, Custom Rocker Switches, Rear Trunk, Custom Tail Light, Full Vehicle assembly
  • Rigid Industries- RDS Series light bar, Dually D2 corner lights, SR Series light bar, A Series Rock Lights, Dome lights, Cargo light
  • OMF Performance-14″ NX-G1 Bead Lock Wheels
  • Walker Evans Racing- 2.5″ Remote Reservoir Rear, 2.5″ Piggy Back Front Shocks-Custom RZR XP1K Valving
  • Assault Industries- Heavy Duty Rear Radius Rods, Tie Rods, Rear Shock Guards
  • Twisted Stitch- Custom Vortex Front Seats, Custom Vortex Rear Bench, 5x 4 Point Harnesses
  • DragonFire Racing- Front Passenger Navigator Bar, 3x Rear Passenger Navigator Bar, Suede Racing Wheel, Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect, Billet RZR Shifter
  • GlazzKraft Fiberglass Products- Custom RZR XP1000 Dash
  • Rugged Radios- RRP686 Revolution Series 5 Place Intercom, Vertex 50w Race Radio Kit
  • Muzzys- Custom UTVUnderground Edition Full Dual Exhaust System, Muzzys Piggy Back Programmer
  • SSV Works- 5 Speaker Kicker Stereo System
  • Alba Racing- Alba CVT Belt Temp Gauge, Alba Voltage Monitor Gauge
  • Dirty Dog Performance- Custom Tuned RZR XP1000-4 Clutch
  • Safe Glow Whips- Dual 4ft White LED Whips
  • ProLineWraps.com- Custom Spot Graphics

Polaris RZR XP4 1000Modified Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Photos by Neal Rideout and Cody Hooper

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