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2008 WORCS UTV Racing

2008 WORCS UTV Racing

World Off Road Championship Series

2008 WORCS UTV Racing - Holz Racing Products
Mark Holz leading the pack in Round 4 in his Polaris RZR

Round 1 – Phoenix, Az

Doug Eichner’s, Polaris RANGER RZR, equipped with FOX Racing Shox, shining, black Fullbore Innovations body, MasterCraft seats and harnesses with a red roll cage, arms and bumpers by Lone Star Racing was almost too stunning to race.  Eichner left the start line demonstrating incredible speed and talent that left spectators gasping as he provided a sensational holeshot start from the 11 SxS line-up.  Eichner continued his hard charge despite his view being obstructed by his open hood for much of the race.  Co-pilot, support rider, and good friend, Mark Speath, helped navigate as Eichner crossed the checkered flag securing a strong second place finish.

Speed World MX Park Results
Phoenix, AZ
Sunday, January 27, 2008

Round 1 – Full Race Results

  1. WADE WYMAN – Yamaha Rhino

  2. DOUG EICHNER – Polaris RZR

  3. ADAM TEMPLETON – Yamaha Rhino

Round 2 – Mesquite, NV

With 12 side by side units on the starting line, Racing Legend, Doug Eichner, once again, gave a holeshot start in the “Rhino Mod” class aboard his RANGER RZR. Eichner held off the competition with his aggressive but smart driving style. Eichner’s co-pilot was, George Fickett, his respected motor builder from Yoshimura R&D of America Inc. who claimed, “It was the most fun he has ever had.” Despite feeling under the weather, Eichner gave a hard charge leading the race from start to finish. Eichner’s RANGER RZR is equipped with FOX Racing Shox, Fullbore Innovations body, MasterCraft seats and harnesses with a red roll cage, arms and bumpers by Lone Star Racing. Eichner is leading the “Rhino Mod” standings with 39 points.

Mesquite MX Park Results
Mesquite, NV
Friday, February 22, 2008

Round 2 – Full Race Results

  1. DOUG EICHNER – Polaris RZR

  2. DAVID LINDSAY – Yamaha Rhino

  3. TYSON COOMBS – Yamaha Rhino


Round 3 – Lake Havasu, AZ

WORCS Havasu witnessed a record number of Side by Sides in the Rhino Mod class where 19 machines lined up for the start.  With extremely-modified machines on the course, this race gave spectators a thrill as Eichner and his co-pilot, Polaris Engineer, Kevin McNutt, put on the best Side by Side race WORCS has seen to date in the Polaris RANGER RZR, leading most of the 45-minute race.  Eichner and Mc Nutt fell victim to another unit that blocked their path on the final lap and settled for a fourth place finish.  Eichner’s Polaris RANGER RZR sports FOX Racing Shox, arms and bumpers and roll cage by Lone Star Racing, exhaust system by Yoshimura, Fullbore Innovations body with seats, harness and nets by MasterCraft.  “Eichner sure impressed me,” stated Kevin McNutt, but the smile on Kevin’s face said it all.  Eichner remains the points leader in the WORCS Rhino Mod SxS division.

Crazy Horse GP Park
Lake Havasu, AZ
Sunday, March 23, 2008

Round 3 – Full Race Results

  1. JIM CASTELLI – Yamaha Rhino

  2. ADAM TEMPLETON– Yamaha Rhino


Round 4 – Auburn, Wa

Side-by-side racing newcomer, Mark Holz steered his RANGER RZR to the win in the Rhino Mod class by beating 11 side-by-sides. This was Holz first race in theRANGER RZR.

Pacific Raceways Results
Auburn, Wa
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Round 4 – Full Race Results

  1. MARK HOLZ – Polaris RZR

  2. CHRIS THORNHILL – Yamaha Rhino

  3. CRAIG SANISLO – Yamaha Rhino

Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR

 Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR

Round 5 – Hollister, Ca

WORCS’ “Rhino Mod” class saw RANGER RZRs take first and second place. Mark Holz finished the race on top about 30 seconds ahead of Doug Eichner and more than a minute ahead of the third place finisher. At the break of the WORCS season, Eichner holds the lead in the “Rhino Mod” standings and Holz is in sixth after racing just two WORCS races. The next WORCS race is August 15-17, in Olympia, Wash.

Hollister Hills SVRA Results
Hollister, Ca
Friday, May 16, 2008

Round 5 – Full Race Results

  1. MARK HOLZ – Polaris RZR

  2. DOUG EICHNER – Polaris RZR

  3. JEFF STAMBAUGH – Yamaha Rhino

Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR Holz Racing - WORCS - Polaris RZR

Round 6 – Olympia, Wa


Round 7 – Milford, Ca


Round 8 – Taft, Ca




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