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WORCS Racing Makes UTV / Side-by-Side Changes for Round 3

After some scoring issues at Buffalo Bills round 2, WORCS has made some changes in the way that the SxS races are scored. This is the action plan for WORCS side by side racing moving forward.

Scoring solutions to the current issues presented current growth:

  • New programing is being developed for our transponder system to better handle the issues involved with 4 to 5 splits in one class. This programing will be done and tested prior to Round 3 in Lake Havasu.
  • Additional redundant computer back ups to the main system will be added.
  • Video time coding will now be implemented at the finish line.
Other miscellaneous but important items:
  • Pits will be secured and only those with pit passes will be allowed entrance. Each driver will be given 3 pit pass bands for his/crew at sign up. No children or pets will be allowed in the pit area.
  • There will be the assigned Side by Side technical inspection staffer (TBA). He will also be your liaison for all things side by side.
  • Staging will be and has been set by current points first then random after that.
  • Class 1 will be in its own race from here forward as previously announced.
  • The voluntary driver fund will be activated at Round 3 as previously announced. If you want to be in the fund for payback you must pay at the time of registration. The buy in is $50 per entry up from the $25 as previously announced.
  • Mechanical protest fees are now $500 for single cylinder and $750 for twin cylinder. $400 for single and $600 for twin cylinder will go to the winner of the protest.
  • Drivers meeting at Round 3 Lake Havasu will be at 1pm. All drivers are required to be there and sign in. 

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