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WORCS Racing Announces Rule Changes for 2017

WORCS Racing

The 2017 WORCS Racing Rule Book has been published. It is the responsibility of the racer, support, crews and pit to know the rule book prior to racing. Just a reminder, there is NO PIT RIDING and helmets are required at all times.

WORCS Racing SXS Rule Changes:

  1. SXS will have 2 separate Unclassified events. Pro and Amateur for 2017.
  2. The age to race a 900 has been lowered from 15 to 14.
  3. Head restraint systems are now highly recommended in all classes.
  4. There is only two Pro SXS classes. Pro and Pro Stock for 2017. Turbos will be allowed in the Pro class and not Pro Stock.
  5. No radio communications are allowed in the SXS Youth 250 classes. Same as the Youth ATV classes have always been.
  6. The Adult 800 class is discontinued. The Adult classes begin at 900cc.
  7. Youth cc limit has been moved to 800cc so the Youth 700cc classes are now Youth 800cc.
  8. All single seat classes have been discontinued. If any do attend, they will run in the Sportsman Class.
  9. There will be $25 tech inspection/recovery fee added to each SXS entry.

The latest and most updated version of the rule book will be found on the WORCS website at

The entire 2017 Race season will be live streamed so you can show off for all your friends at home. Over 10,000 people watched each event this year and it will be much bigger production in 2017.

WORCS RACING started in 2001 and is always working towards bringing off road racing the fame and fortune it deserves. Our mission statement: “…to bring professionalism, integrity, quality, and most of all fun to each and every round, all the while staying true to the family oriented grass roots environment that off road racing is all about. “

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