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VooDoo Axles Extend and Compress for ATV’s and UTV’s with Lift Kits, or Extended A-Arms

VooDoo Axles
VooDoo Axles

Rockford, IL – Motor Master Powersports introduces VooDoo Axles for ATV’s and UTV’s that have lift kits, or extended A-arms, and require long travel suspension.  The revolutionary design of these high-strength axles enables them to extend and compress, thereby accommodating long suspension travel. VooDoo Axles can also operate at narrower angles than other axles; Typical axles use inboard CV joints that must operate at an angle, while also allowing for suspension travel. This dual purpose design limits articulation angle to about 25°, while travel is restricted to 1.25”-1.5”. Which is inadequate for ATV’s and UTV’s fitted with lift kits, or long travel suspension. VooDoo Axles utilize a fixed Rzeppa inner CV joint to allow 45° of articulation, while 2” of smooth travel is provided by a ball bearing supported slip spline in the axle shaft. The long travel helps to prevent disengagement of the inner CV joints from the transaxle when the suspension is at full droop. VooDoo Axles are ideal for ATV’s and UTV’s with lift kits, or extended A-arms, and are available for a variety of models.
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About Motor Master Powersports
Motor Master Powersports is a division of Aircraft Gear Corporation, a family owned business group that has been in operation for over 60 years, and includes Rockford Constant Velocity – one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of CV parts in the aftermarket. Motor Master Powersports specializes in the manufacture and distribution of complete CV axles, CV half shafts, CV joints, CV boots – including Duraboot, CV rebuild kits, and universal joints for the ATV and UTV market. Motor Master provides the most complete driveline coverage in the aftermarket.

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