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Vi-PEC Power Sports release the new Polaris RZR ECU

i88 by Vi-PEC, top of the range ECU with the flexibility demanded by tuners worldwide

Vi-PEC i88
Vi-PEC i88
The Vi-PEC i88, our most advanced ECU. Flexible options over the control of inputs and outputs allowing the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions.

The RZR ECU for the 800 RZR (800CC-900CC 2008-2014) from Vi-PEC Power Sports offers some fantastic new features from the new iSeries range. Some of these include:

  • Motor sport features such as anti-lag and launch control
  • Barometric pressure compensation
  • Display engine data on Android and iPhone (OBD adapter accessory required)

i88 by Vi-PEC

Uses V88 top board. Inherits all features of the V88 top board ECU and iVTS.

  • Big list of standard V88 top board features goes here (from our V88 promotional material)
  • Includes motor sport features such as anti-lag and launch control.
  • Barometric pressure compensation.
  • Display engine data on Android and iPhone (OBD adapter accessory required).

Polaris RZR Specific:

  • Plug and play. No modification to OEM wiring required.
  • Utilises all OEM sensors and provides configurable control of all OEM functionality
  • OEM Inputs: MAP, TPS, IAT, ECT, Speed, AWD Switch Gear Position.
  • Idle speed control
  • Engine fan
  • AWD solenoid control
  • EFI relay control.
  • Compatible with OEM CAN bus. Communicates to OEM dash and power steering unit.
  • Fault codes displayed on dash.
  • Built in high power coil drivers. Adjustable coil charge time via iVTS.
  • Internal MAP sensor. Suitable for up to 45 PSI boost. OEM MAP sensor is not suitable for boost.
  • Rugged CNC enclosure. Utilises OEM ECU mounting (no modification to vehicle required).
  • Spare CAN bus for connection to accessory products. Eg aftermarket dash, wideband oxygen sensor.
  • Capable of running an additional injector per cylinder in staged or parallel.
  • Digitally signal processed knock control (Installation of knock sensor required).
  • Expansion connector for connection of additional IO.
  • Power and ground for additional sensors.
  • Two injector drivers.
  • CAN
  • Two configurable auxiliary outputs (eg boost control solenoid, Nitrous solenoid).
  • Knock Sensor
  • Digital input (eg boost level switch or launch control).
  • Analog Input (eg wideband oxygen signal or boost level control knob).
  • Temperature input (eg gear oil temperature or intercooler outlet temp).


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