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Doug’s Long Travel Turbo Polaris RZR

Doug’s Long Travel Turbo Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR
UTV of the Month forNovember 2009


When Doug Siddens began the build of his Polaris RZR over a year ago, his goal was to build the most powerful stock block UTV on the planet! He also wanted to build it in stages, document the process and show the power increases at each stage. It was important for him to build it step by step because most of the members of RZRForums.net can’t just do a complete motor swap or have the technical ability to fabricate parts to make something really extreme work.

So he was on a mission to use RZRForums.net to gain information about what products to use and to also purchase them from as many of the Supporting Vendors as possible. This way, anyone that visits the forum could find all the information, build their RZR at their pace and purchase everything right from the site.

After extensive research he decided to start with the base MCX-USA turbo kit and a ported head from Dynamic Racing. This install was rather easy and Doug did it in his shop with basic hand tools. The result was an astounding 103rwhp and 86rwtq!

Since he was the first person to make that much power, he was also the first person to find out that the stock crank didn’t like 7,000 rpms to go along with it. Now that he knew what the weak point of the stock motors was. Doug called up Dirty Dawg Performance and decide to make it bigger and better than before! This time around Doug went with a pinned crank, a custom cam from Dirty Dawg Performance and low compression pistons from CP Pistons. At 12 psi with this new setup Doug made a Dynolicious run of 124rwhp! Even with this great result he knew that the stock crank would still be an issue for where he really wanted to take it. So, shortly after putting that motor together Doug got a call from MCX-USA who had gotten a hold of one of the new Crankworks billet stroker cranks for the RZR! Doug decided to test it out and see what these little motors are truly capable of! Now armed with a 30cc billet stroker crank, billet rods, custom CP pistons, cam and a new ported head with larger valves, Doug is ready to try and break the 150+ rwhp mark!

Stay tuned for 15+ psi of boost, 7,500+ rpms and some big dyno numbers!


  • MCX-USA, Turbo Kit, Tuning Display
  • Crankworks 40cc Billet Stroker Crank with Billet Rods
  • Dirty Dawg Performance, Cam, Dynatech Controller and Adjustable Clutch Kit
  • UMP, Custom Turbo Intake Canister
  • UTV Inc, Crow H Style Harnesses, Billet Side Mirrors and lowered seat bases
  • RZRHQ, Black Maier Plastics, Vented Hood, ATR Solid Shift Kit, ATR Complete Chassis Stiffener Kit, ATR Billet OS Handle and GoPro Hero
  • LSR, Custom Cage with Half Doors, +8 XTR Suspension System, HD axles, HD Tie Rods and Fox 2.0 Shox
  • HPD, Motor Mounts
  • Dynamic Racing, Ported & Polished Head with 1mm oversized stainless steel valves, Ferrea Titanium Retainers and PAC Beehive Springs
  • CP, Custom 31 cc Dish Pistons with Teflon Coated Skirts and Ceramic Coated Tops
  • Holz Racing, Billet Intake Manifold, Billet Front Roller Cage, Billet Front Pinion Flange, Anti-Friction Washer, Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator, Pre-Runner Front Bumper and Full Skid Plate System
  • XXXOffroad, Street Legal Kit
  • Side x Side Customs, Adjustable HID System

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