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UTVGuide.net’s Kawasaki Teryx4

Kawasaki Teryx4
UTVGuide.net’s Kawasaki Teryx4

Kawasaki Teryx4
UTV of the Month for June 2012

The Kawasaki Teryx4 is an all-new UTV for 2012 and we are thrilled to have one in our stable. The Teryx4 isn’t just a stretched Teryx with two more seats.  Quite a bit of engineering went into the design to make this a unique four-seater. I first had a chance to see the new Teryx4 at theKawasaki Dealer Show in Florida and it piqued my interest. Then I got to ride the Teryx4 at Brimstone during theKawasaki Teryx4 press introduction, and knew Kawasaki had tapped into a unique segment for a bigger four-seat UTV.

The amazing thing about the Teryx4 is how roomy the cab is for four adults at the same time as being very nimble.  At 6′ 1″, I can sit in the back row without feeling like I am stuffed into the back seat with my knees in my chest. And Kawasaki figured out how to add the seats, while giving the Teryx4 a 86.1 inch wheelbase. Now numbers don’t mean a whole lot until you put this into perspective. For example, the four-seatPolaris RZR XP 4 has a 107.4 inch wheelbase and the two-seatArctic Cat Wildcat has a 90 inch wheelbase.  Let those numbers sink in a bit and you will realize how the shorter wheelbase creates a vehicle that does not feel like you are driving a bus.

With the extra row of seats, also comes more room.  We have a rear-seat rack that can replace the two rear seats to create more space for gear when we only need space for two.

Teryx4 seats and harnesses
Easily convert from two seats + storage to four seats

A few other features really make the Teryx4 shine.  The first is the all-new centrifugal clutch. The new CVT offers an extra degree of precision for slow-speed power manipulation and smoothness which is really noticeable for rock-crawling.  It is hands-down the best clutch we have used in the rocks.

Factory electronic power steering is also a huge benefit. I am a huge fan of EPS for UTVs and the factory EPS on the Teryx4 works great, even with big 31″ light truck tires!

The Teryx4’s 749cc V-twin four-stroke engine is also new, offering 15 percent more power than the already stout unit in the 2-seat Teryx. This might not seem like much, but we were able to climb to the top of Sand Mountain with a stock engine and paddle tires. This is a feat that many two-seaters cannot accomplish. And the new engine looks to be built to easily accommodate big-bore pistons.

Overall, the Terxy4 made a great platform for a full buildup and once again, we have selected some great aftermarket companies to work with on this build. We tried to keep the changes to a minimum (LOL) in order to keep the Teryx4 on the trails as much as possible.


More details: Kawasaki Teryx4 buildup

More Photos:

2012 Kawasaki Teryx42012 Kawasaki Teryx42012 Kawasaki Teryx4
Brand new with bigger tires/wheels

Kawasaki Teryx4Kawasaki Teryx4Kawasaki Teryx4
Sand Mountain – December 2011 – stock with paddle tires

Kawasaki Teryx4 in GlamisKawasaki Teryx4 in GlamisKawasaki Teryx4 in Glamis
Glamis UTV Industry Ride – New long travel, cage, seats

Long travel installed – playing in the rocks at Prairie City

Kawasaki Teryx4 with Shasta Dam in the background
Chappie-Shasta OHV Area with Kawasaki

Official Track Vehicle – Nor Cal Rock Racing, June 2012

Kawasaki Teryx4 on the Rubicon TrailLong Travel Kawasaki Teryx4
Rubicon Camping Trip

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