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Kawasaki Teryx

August 2011

The goals for this 2011 Kawasaki Teryx build were extreme suspension, lightweight, performance and trail capability. A true multi-purpose UTV that excels in multiple terrains.

The build began in February 2011 with a brand new 2011 Kawasaki Teryx Sport. The first phase of the project included suspension, roll cage, skid plates and rocker protection, winch, seats and harnesses, exhaust, intake, radiator clutch and a few other goodies.  Then we were off to Moab for some rock crawling at the 2011 Rally on the Rocks.  The Teryx performed beyond our expectations and even tackled Upper Helldorado at Area BFE.

Upon return from Moab, the next phase kicked into high gear.  Big rock crawling tires and wheels and a big bore v-twin. Once again we hit the rocks.  This time it was the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The big bore power purred all day long and the big meat gave us some great ground clearance over the big rocks in Little Sluice.

Next, we swapped out the 31″ LT tires for some sand tires and headed to Oregon for DuneFest 2011. Switching from slow speeds and big rocks to fast dune rides and getting air is quite the change, but our Teryx again exceeded expectations.  Power was spot on, and the suspension soaked up the chopped up dunes.

What’s next for our Teryx build?  Maybe some tunes from SSV Works and an oil cooler from CBR Performance.  But it really doesn’t need much of anything else.

More details: 2011 Kawasaki Teryx Project


Moab - Area BFE, Helldorado Trail2011 Kawasaki Teryx Buildup2011 Kawasaki Teryx Buildup

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Rubicon Trail:

Kawasaki Teryx in Little Sluice on the Rubicon TrailKawasaki Teryx in Little Sluice on the Rubicon TrailKawaski Teryx on the Post Pile - Rubicon Trail

More: Rubicon Trail

Oregon Dunes:

Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx with Muzzys 916 v-twinMonster Energy Kawasaki Teryx with Muzzys 916 v-twinMonster Energy Kawasaki Teryx with Muzzys 916 v-twin

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