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UTV Rally Raid at Durhamtown Plantation – June 18, 2011

With UTV and SxS racing in its infancy has joined forces with ORV parks in the south east to bring it to the focus of general fast trail riders. UTV racing is fast becoming a recognized motor sport in it’s own right and organizations are trying to work out the kinks in their formats. With the evolution of’s UTV Rally Raid, UTV racing is sure to become a fast growing and highly competitive sport. We hear the talk of the community and racers alike and with these thoughts in mind the development of a new era of racing for the UTV and SxS sport was born, UTV Rally Raid.

If you like to ride fast on the trails with your friends and family, you are the perfect competitor for UTV Rally Raid.
Durhamtown Plantation, Union Point, GA
June 18, 2011

Race starts at 7:30 PM

Races are four hours long, 2 hours in daylight, 2 hours at night.

More information:

Directions to Durhamtown Plantation  – 2350 Randolph Church Rd. Union Point, GA 30669 ** Mapquest directions not recommended.

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