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TMW Off-Road Blue Magic

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
TMW Off-Road’s “Blue Magic”

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
TMW’s 200+ wheel horsepower “Blue Magic”

These days, it’s hard to make a UTV stand out. Builders churn out gorgeous, shiny, vinyl-wrapped RZRs, Mavericks, Wildcats, and more every day. Over-the-top builds packed with weight take some of the fun out of driving. And heck, TMW Offroad even stuffed a stroked and cammed LS2 V8 into a back-halved RZR 4. So in this age of offroad decadence, what stands out?

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
Widebody Plastics Accentuate the Long Travel Suspension


Widebody kits are not a new concept in the UTV industry, but the kit bolted on to this car is. Built by Fullbore exclusively for TMW, this widebody kit is made from vacuum-molded plastic, not fiberglass. Available in five colors, it offers a lighter, more resilient visual upgrade with no need for paint or sealant. The fit and finish on the kit looks very good, and it bolts up without the need for heavy bodywork. At $1,999, it’s also one of the most affordable widebody kits available.

Completing the sexy look is TMW’s own Dune Edition V3 roll cage with integrated light bar pocket and a set of their sleek Sidewinder doors. Wolf Designs drew up an elegant and stylish wrap that drapes the widebody kit in a very complimenting way.

Polaris RZR XP TUrbo
Long Travel Suspension with FOX IBP Shocks Tuned by Shock Therapy


TMW is no stranger to high performance builds, and they put in a lot of R&D time with this car to come up with their new next-level suspension package. Built around LoneStar Racing’s $4,470 MTS suspension kit, TMW worked with Shock Therapy to create a complete ground-up package that offers incredible performance out of the box. LoneStar’s MTS kit adds 3.5 inches of width per side and bumps wheel travel over 20 inches, which are now controlled by custom Fox Podium RC2 shocks.

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
Big Air? No Problem

With the valving and spring rate package that TMW and Shock Therapy came up with for this car, there is almost nothing it can’t handle with poise. Huge 60 foot leaps and drops from 7 feet in the air are soaked up with aplomb, seeming to almost never reach the ends of the shocks’ stroke. Through the whoops, even up hill and under power, the car tracks straight and true, never kicking, bouncing, or lurching. It truly is one of the most well-tuned suspension setups we have gotten to play with, so hats off to TMW and Shock Therapy!

Bigger Turbo, Custom Header and Trinity Racing Exhaust


When you have a car that handles this well, it starts to feel slower. Not content with the 144 horsepower that the stock RZR XPT puts out (105 at the wheels), TMW once again saddled up for months of R&D in the engine department.

Starting with a larger Borg-Warner EFR turbocharger, the engine team at TMW sourced ARP head studs, larger fuel injectors, a higher-flow fuel pump, and created some custom intake and exhaust piping to mount it all up. Tuning was handled by a Bully Dog GT Tuner, which TMW’s gurus swear by.

RZR XP Turbo Wheelie
Got Roost?

The end result is 200+ wheel horsepower when coupled with the STM clutches and Trinity Racing dual exhaust, inducing gut-churning acceleration and wheelie-prone power everywhere in the RPM range. During our testing in Glamis, Blue Magic outran every other RZR XPT it squared up against, and even ran cooler than the stock turbo RZRs. The larger turbocharger helps push higher air volumes without increasing intake air temperatures, and since the RZR XP Turbo’s intercooler and engine cooling system share the same coolant supply, lower intake temps translate into lower engine temps. With so many stock XP Turbos overheating when the weather gets warm and the throttle foot gets heavy, it’s refreshing to see an engine package that creates more power and runs cooler!


Blue Magic’s large parts make up most of the eye-catching camera fodder, but some of the smaller details deserve just as much attention. Up front, TMW installed Rigid Industries replacement headlights, which feature four D-Series light pods bolted to stainless sheetmetal bracketry that fits into the stock headlight housings. For $649.99, you get four Rigid D-Series lights, mounts, and plug and play wiring harness connectors that make for a 15 minute install time. No wiring, no cutting, no welding- just bolt them on, plug them in, and go! The lights are paired with a 30 inch Rigid SR light bar, creating a lighting package that keeps up with this RZR’s blazingly fast speed very well.

Rigid Industries A-Series blue accent lights
Quick Light Whips and Rigid Industries A-Series Accent Lights

Quick Light whips highlight the Rigid A-Series underglow lights, with a nice blue hue that matches the graphics perfectly. Inside, a pair of Triple X buckets and Simpson harnesses keep the occupants cinched in tightly during high-speed whoop runs. Billet Equipped switch panels, a shift knob, speedo bezel, and grab handle give the RZR’s interior an updated look. Rounding out the exterior package is a set of HiPer billet center wheels wrapped in Xtreme Sand Tires, offering a ton of grip and great floatation to keep this big turbo RZR up on top of the sand.

In answering the question of what it takes to stand out these days, TMW has provided one answer: a full package that is well-tuned and works extremely well as a whole. Comfort, Safety, Speed, and Handling have all been improved dramatically with the Blue Magic Turbo RZR, showing that even the top dog sport UTV still has a lot of untapped potential left in showroom condition.

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
TMW Offroad Blue Magic in Glamis

All of the products on this RZR are available through TMW Offroad, and their knowledgeable sales staff can point you in the right direction no matter what your budget is. Give TMW a call at (480) 969-9261 or visit them online at www.TMWOffroad.com.

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HiPer Stratus WheelTMW Offroad

Polaris RZR XP TurboPolaris RZR XP Turbo

Polaris RZR XP TurboPolaris RZR XP Turbo

TMW Offroad Blue Magic

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