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Muzzys Performance RZR XP 900

Polaris RZR XP 900
Muzzys Performance RZR XP 900

Polaris RZR XP 900
UTV of the Month for August 2013

By Jon Crowley, UTVGuide.net

I spent the week up and theWinchester Bay Dunes for DuneFest 2013 again this year and always look forward to spending some time in the Muzzys Performance booth. If you like to make your UTV go fast, Muzzys has the goodies. This year in addition to the exhaust and billet cylinders on display, They also brought along a few UTVs. One I had my eye on was their RZR XP 900 race car.

After getting my first taste of the newRZR XP 1000 a day earlier, I was interested to see how a XP 900 with a big bore would stack up.  I twisted Rob Muzzys’ arm into letting me take his car out for a ride and to let RJ Anderson take it for a spin as well so I could take some pictures.

Polaris RZR XP 900Before we headed into the dunes, I mounted up a setup of STU Blaster tires mounted on HiPer Racing beadlock wheels that I got from my buddy Dave at Fullerton Sand Sports. I really like the look of a race car with sand tires on it, and this was no exception.  Plus the small Maxxis tires that were on the car are geared towards short course racing, not duning.

The XP 900 has a Muzzys Performance billet big bore that bumped it up to 995cc, plus a few other goodies under the covers that pumped the horsepower up over the 107 HP found in the new XP 1000.

I strapped into the Beard seats and cinched down the Simpson harnesses and followed RJ out into the dunes. Right off, I could tell this car was meant for business.  The shocks were set for flying over tabletops in the WORCS series, not a casual cruise through the dunes. Plus the steering wheel was a race style that was all about grip and function and nothing about comfort.

When we got out to the big dunes I romped on the throttle and it jumped right into action. The power was impressive and very crisp. This put a big smile on my face as I chased RJ through the dunes.  He was in a new XP 1000 that was setup with paddle tires as well and although he is a better driver I could tell the Muzzys big bore could out run him if I had the skill to drive as fast as the car was capable.

We had a nice loop going and the car flew well over the jumps and I even carried the front-end a few times over a rise. I had a great time behind the wheel and felt very safe knowing that I was strapped in well and had a Holz race cage surrounding me.

Muzzys Big Bore RZR XP 900After we stopped, I tossed the keys over to RJ Anderson.  His WORCS race car is similar in design so it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable.  It was great to watch him fly over jumps and roost off the side of a dune. He played on our “course” for a while until the fuel gauge started flashing signaling the fun was over. We traded seats and headed back to Muzzys. I handed the keys back to Rob with a big smile on my face.

If you own a XP 900 and are worried that your buddy with a new XP 1000 is going to have more power than you, don’t fret.  You can keep your 900 and bump up the power so that it not only competes, but also surpasses the 1000.

In addition, Muzzys has a new product that takes the guess work out of tuning a modified UTV. The Gen4 DigiTune Fuel Control with AFR Management system not only combines the DigiTune fuel control with an air fuel gauge, but it also functions as a closed-loop system adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio in real-time. For all of you out there that add performance products to your UTV, then struggle with fuel tuning issues, this product could very well solve your problems.  I look forward to more testing of the Gen4 over the next year.  Stand by for more details.

Polaris RZR XP 900

Muzzys Performance RZR XP Specifications:

Muzzys Performance

  • 995 Billet Big Block with High compression Pistons
  • Cams
  • Hardened Buckets
  • Valve Springs
  • Cylinder Head porting
  • Remote oil cooler kit
  • Gen4 DigiTune Fuel Control/ AFR Management system
  • RZR 570 CV Conversion

HOLZ Racing Products

  • WORCS legal cage kit with tins, bumpers, and suspension arms.
  • Front Axles
  • Steering quickner

Walker Evans Racing

  • 2.5 Shocks

Summers Brothers Racing

  • Rear 570 Axles


  • 5 point Harness
  • Window Nets


  • Suspension Seats

HiPer Racing

  • Composite dual beadlock wheels


  • Viper Tires


  • Radiator


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