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Uncharted Society Destination: Beaver Creek Lodge – Garden City, Utah

Can-Am Maverick Trail

By Emy Ackernecht

Young and old alike rave about Beaver Creek Lodge, another super fun Uncharted Society Destination resort and BRP-certified outfitter perfect for adventurous families and powersports enthusiasts. Situated near Garden City, Utah and tucked in the mountains of Logan Canyon near southern Idaho, Beaver Creek offers access to two scenic mountain ranges comprised of hundreds of backcountry mountain trails, a variety of horseback riding meadows, and access to the “Caribbean of the Rockies”–– better known as Bear Lake. If you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure with family or friends or just want the opportunity to experience Can-Am UTVs or Ski-Doo sleds, Beaver Creek is ready and waiting for you. 

Beaver Creek Lodge

Beaver Creek Lodge


At Beaver Creek Lodge you’ll experience an easy and relaxing stay in comfortable rooms with well-trained and courteous staff allowing you to focus all your time and energy on exploring the mountains and meadows just outside your door. Come in at the end of your action-packed day for by an evening of lounging in the common area playing cards with family or friends, shooting a game of pool, or challenging your kids to foosball. If you want to enjoy the evening air, stroll outside and relax on the front veranda or wander over by the crackling fire and soak in its warmth.

Uncharted Society

Beaver Creek Lodge is a member of the Uncharted Society

Uncharted Society, BRP, and Beaver Creek Lodge’s unique mission to connect family, friends and backcountry enthusiasts with powersport vehicles offer amazing opportunities to experience thrilling outdoor experiences and gives anyone hoping to own a Can-Am off-road vehicle an avenue to spend hours getting hands-on experience with one of these thoughtfully designed machines.

Beaver Creek Lodge

Beaver Creek Lodge provides paper maps and also phones that are pre-loaded with trails to track your location.

When you’re ready to take on the day, you’ll find an assortment of Can-Am’s side-by-sides for any type of mountain and trail adventure. The mountains hold all levels of trails – from easy meadow cruises to steep and narrow technical rides –– you choose the experience you want. And to make your trip easy and amazing, don’t forget to grab one of Beaver Creeks GPS phones to take along. These phones are preloaded with the trail maps and great points of interest. They’ve added suggestions and pointers on some of the terrain you may encounter, all in keeping with Beaver Creek’s and Uncharted Society’s goal of ensuring that your day is exciting and memorable.

Bloomington Lake

Bloomington Lake

When a relaxing day is in order, choose a Can-Am Defender, round up the family, and drive north on comfortable trails to check out the Paris Ice Cave. Then, head to Bloomington Lake for a quick plunge into the water off the rope swing or maybe try some cliff jumping. Plus, move on to the Pat Hollow Plane crash site afterwards for a piece of history before heading into town for dinner.

Ephram's Grave

Ephram’s Grave

If an action-packed challenging ride is more to your liking, hop on Can-Am’s Maverick Trail, a 50-inch wide UTV and hit the more narrow 50-inch trails to hone your technical off-roading skills. Power up to Old Ephraim’s memorial –– the gravesite of an 1,100-pound Grizzly bear –– or round out your ride with a visit to the turquoise blue waters of Bear Lake for a refreshing swim or lunch in town before buzzing back to the lodge.

Can-Am Maverick Trail

Can-Am Maverick Trail is perfect for 50-inch limited trails

For those newer to off-roading or those who really want to uncover the hidden gems of the mountains and canyons, check in with one of the well-trained, engaging, and super knowledgeable trail guides at Beaver Creek, and you’ll get a phenomenal, customized trail ride just for you, your family and friends that will have you planning your next back trip ASAP.

Can-Am Maverick Trail

Exploring near Beaver Creek Lodge

Great, fantastic, patient and professional are just a few of the words used to describe Beaver Creek’s horseback guides. If there’s a horseman among your bunch, take a few hours and go for a ride on well-trained horses to absorb the magnificence of these mountains and meadows led by one of the many experienced and patient guides on staff. You’ll find they have horses for all skill levels and a trail ride designed for anyone. You can choose from a beginning 1-hour ride to a 4-hour ride up to the Overlook trail where you catch a spectacular view of Bear Lake. No matter what ride you choose, you’ll feel the exhilaration of mountain views, the beauty of wildflower-filled meadows and the soothing sounds of flowing streams.

Can-Am Maverick Trail

On the trail near Beaver Creek Lodge

in the winter, Beaver Creek Lodge’s magnificent terrain combined with Ski-Doo’s well-engineered sleds are the perfect combination for anyone who’s looking for an exhilarating day snowmobiling. Whether you’ve never been on a snowmobile or traversed snow-covered trails for years the perfect winter experience is just one sled ride away. As an experienced sledder, you can choose from several models of Ski-Doo sleds and hit the mountain shoots, trails and powder to challenge your skills and take them to the next level. If owning a snowmobile is in your future plans then this is an awesome opportunity to experience the power, speed and maneuverability that Ski-Doo sleds give you.

If you’re new to snowmobiling, don’t worry; Beaver Creek is well prepared for you, too. Ski-Doo sleds are easy to maneuver and built for comfort which makes navigating the wide-open meadows a breeze; then add an experienced guide to your ride, and you’ll have a fabulous day, full of awe-inspiring views of the mountains and valleys –– all the while gaining confidence in your riding skills.

Whether you’re looking for a summer vacation, winter getaway or just looking to try out Can-Am’s off-road vehicles or Ski-Doo snowmobiles at Beaver Creek Lodge is a thrilling experience that combines the best of all worlds: great equipment, great trails, and great views that are sure to inspire you to come back for more.

A memorable backcountry adventure is all yours thanks to the Beaver Creek Lodge, BRP, and Uncharted Society; the fun awaits! 

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