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Unboxing 2018 Textron Wildcat XX

Textron Wildcat XX

The Textron Wildcat XX is one of the most talked about and anticipated new sport UTVs for 2018. While some are disappointed with the lack of turbo, most are excited with the suspension and other race car features.

We spent some time behind the wheel of the Textron Wildcat XX back in February (TEXTRON WILDCAT XX REVIEW) and were very impressed with the performance.

Textron Wildcat XX

Textron Wildcat XX Review

Our friends over at Shock Therapy recently got their hands on a Wildcat XX and did a fabulous job reviewing many of the unique features. If you are on the fence about the Wildcat XX, take a few minutes to watch their video.  It is extremely educational and detailed.

And stay tuned to the Shock Therapy YouTube page for more.  They are headed to Mexico to pre-run for the Baja 500 and will run the course in their Wildcat XX and give a detailed report upon their return.

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