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Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series – Round Two March 2011

Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series

Rj Anderson Crash

March 2011

First up on the full-size track were the UTVs, and after a run of bad luck throughout the weekend, Code Rahders must’ve been very happy to start from pole position in his #816 Superchips/Frostyburger Yamaha. Alongside Rahders for the start was yesterday’s winner Corry Weller, driving the #810 Tilted Kilt/Magnaflow Yamaha, and it was Rahders who led Weller, Dough Mittag in the #848 Custom Off Road Design/ Yamaha, John Dempsey in the #855 Simpson/ Kawasaki, and Josh Stechnij in the #800 Weller Racing/Racer X Motorsports Yamaha at the end of lap one. Mittag’s hood had come loose at the front after some early contact, and it soon flipped straight up, completely blocking his forward view. This forced him into the hot pits to have it removed, which moved Dempsey to third, Stechnij to fourth, and Chad George to fifth in his #1 Monster Energy/C&G Performance Kawasaki. Up front, Rahders was quickly pulling out a big lead, while further back, the Unlimited UTVs were making their way into the top five. George moved up a spot to fourth, while slotting in fifth was RJ Anderson in the #637 Walker Evans Racing/Holz Racing Products Polaris. By the competition yellow, Rahders was in full command out front, with Weller second, Dempsey third, George fourth, and Anderson fifth. George ducked into the hot pits under yellow, and emerged later, but at a much reduced pace. After the restart, Anderson and Stechnij collided in mid-air off the big jump out of turn two, send both into a scary crash which put both drivers through multiple rollovers. Fortunately, both drivers quickly emerged from their machines, apparently unharmed. The race resumed after being red flagged, with Rahders leading Weller, Dempsey, Greg Frantz in the #877 Lonestar Racing/Unisteer Performance Products Yamaha, and Bryan Osborn in the #854 Black Rhino/HRT Motorsports Yamaha in the top five. From there on in, the top five held their positions, and it was Rahders who’s luck had really turned around as he picked up the win over Weller, Dempsey, Frantz, and Osborn. Robert Vanbeekum nursed an injured #664 Monster Energy/Rhino Parts and Performance Kawasaki around good enough to pick up the Unlimited UTV win after his competition fell by the wayside. Anderson and George did not finish, but still rounded out the Unlimited UTV podium in second and third.

Unlimited UTV

Chad George - Kawasaki TeryxRJ Anderson and Chad GeorgeChad George and RJ AndersonChad George and RJ Anderson

Chad George - Kawasaki TeryxRJ Anderson and Chad GeorgeBobby VanBeekum - Kawasaki TeryxChad George - Monster Energy Kawasaki

RJ Anderson - Walker Evans Polaris RZR XPChad George - Kawasaki TeryxRJ Anderson - Polaris RZR XP

R.J. Anderson - Polaris RZR XPChad George - Monster Energy Kawasaki TeryxRobert VanBeekum  - Monster Energy Kawasaki TeryxTyler Winbury - Kawasaki Teryx


Code Rahders - SR1Code Rhaders and Corry WellerCode Rhaders and Corry Weller

Corry Weller - SR1Dan Kelly - SR1Greg Frantz - Lonestar Racing

Corry WellerCode Rahders - SR1

877 Greg Frantz - SR1 848 Doug Mittag - SR1855 John Dempsey - SR1

824 Dan Kelly - SR1

Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series

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