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Glamis January 2009 Trip Report

Polaris RZR S 800

What a fantastic weekend at Glamis! The weather was perfect, and the dunes were smooth for the first two days. I met up with a few friends with sand cars and also hooked up with the Bailey family.  Steve and Jeff both have RZRs so it was awesome to ride around with a few other similarly equipped UTVs.

I also learned that the Bailey’s are big on hospitality. Other than the Carne Asada I provided from Ramey’s Meat, I was offered incredible food left and right.  No way to lose weight with the Bailey’s nearby!

I duned all weekend in our Polaris RZR S demo. I put 125 miles on it in three hard days of duning, and it ran flawlessly. I put on a set of paddle tires, but other than that, the RZR S is completely stock.  I was very impressed with the RZR’s out of the box abilities.

In The Dunes:

Glamis - Martin Luther King Weekend 2009
Went on lots of rides with Steve (RZR S) and Jeff (RZR with long travel). Several of the rides were led by sand cars (Mike & Jeff).  There were a few high speed areas that we fell a bit behind, but for the most part we were right on their tails.

On top of Oldsmobile Hill

In the dunes near Osborne Overlook

Mike led us on a great ride from Pad 2 to the Flag Pole, China Wall and Lizard Hill.

Glamis - Flag Pole 
Flag Pole

Flag Pole – Google Maps

China Wall

Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis

Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis Polaris RZR S - Glamis
I took Charlene from Side x Side Action Magazine for a ride, and while at a stop, she snapped a few action shots.

Glamis Flats:

Hapa's new Arctic Cat Prowler 1000  Kawasaki Teryx 

Kawasaki Teryx Yamaha Rhino Yamaha Rhino

Kawasaki Teryx - Long Travel Yamaha Rhino and Polaris RZR at Glamis Flats

Yamaha - Rhino Demo Rides Redline Performance Products - Riot Elka Suspension Montclair Motor

Glamis Cleanup:


Make sure your OHV is Registered!

This beautiful sand car was in the process of being impounded by the Imperial County Sheriff because it was not registered and did not have a VIN. I also saw them stop a Rhino, so it just isn’t sand cars they are looking at.  If you are bringing in a UTV from a different state, make sure you have the proper documentation.


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