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2013 Mudders Mag Mud Run

2013 Mudders Magazine Mud Run

Mudders Mag Mud Run
Going Deep at the Mudders Magazine Mud Run

Bringing Back The Core Reasons We Are Infatuated With Off-Road

by Thad Josey

Mudders Magazine Mud RunThat sweet aroma of race gas that lingers, the uncomfortable sense of temporary tension consuming competitor and fan and for sure that powerful rumbling of countless engines built to the max, reverberating throughout every inch of ones body. These usually are good signs that you’re at a mud event and the mud bog racing is about to blast off. There was a time when that was a good time, a great experience, but eventually too many things grew out of control and the fun of it all diminished. I don’t love that claim as the competitions have created some of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, but the core reasons we off-road die-hards do what we do began getting lost. Family, fun, adventure, adrenaline, friendships with likeminded people, that’s how it all started and somehow that magic was sparked again this past weekend. It was actually sparked because of poor turnout for the racing at Georgia’s Mudders Magazine Mud Run event this Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t feel horrible, it was an amazing experience for all, it was like 20,000 kids playing and enjoying life and soaking up the most incredible weather the East Coast has seen since last spring.

Mudders Magazine Mud RunMemorial Day weekend was for sure a memorable one for me, more like monumental to be brutally honest as what usually is considered a bad thing actually turned out to be the medicine we needed. The weekend turned out to be an amazing experience, etched deep into my mind. It all kicked off Friday as more than 1000 eager campers packed into Taylor County Boondocks, located several hours south of Atlanta, Georgia in a small town named Butler for the 2013 Mudders Magazine Mud Run! When I pulled in, my eyes were in shock and my taste wet for a little off-road ride time. Explaining just how beautiful this place is would be impossible. Laugh if you want, but it was almost as if Georgia and Florida had a really good looking kid. Vast and lush fields with massive pine filled rolling hills off into the distance. More water than middle eastern countries would know what to do with, not one of them was off limits for a little four-wheeled action. Even the most incredible creek lined the property, one that seemed as if God created it just for the purpose of riding an ATV or SxS through. Perfect width, the depth just right, and wound around the park for what seemed like a mile or more.

The riding was awesome, for sure a nine out of ten and that’s with the 20 or so thousand people roaming randomly throughout the trails, ponds, creeks and common areas. Terra firma on the trails were’t the typical snotty Georgia red clay, it consisted more of a light power robbing sand, almost Florida like, but less depth and a hard bottom. Well, if it’s dry that is. Wet, you might want to possess more than an ego and an expensive set of gnarly mud tires. That thick consistency sucked up more than one UTV throughout the weekend, but hey, that was part of the fun. For me, introducing a newbie to the off-road by tackling the winding creek with my girlfriend proved to be a hit for us both, and I’m positive we’re not the only one’s with that thought. We rode till the sun began to hide behind the hills.

Mudders Magazine Mud RunWhen the sun finally hid, as you would expect, the air filled with the great smells from all the cook-outs and people just chilling out and telling stories with friends and family. We grabbed hot dogs with Mudders Mag owner Kevin Palmer and his wife Susanne and they extended that Southern hospitality that you always find at an organized mud ride event. My girlfriend was able to finally get a good taste of what this is all about, what makes us off-road enthusiasts what we are. Not something that can be explained, it must be experienced. I hope the racing does pick back up again, I’m sure it will, but this was the reset It needed, our sport needed, I needed. Incredible time, looking forward to the next ride event now more than ever.

Taylor County Boondocks Taylor County Boondocks Taylor County Boondocks Taylor County Boondocks

Mudders Magazine Mud RunPolaris RANGERMudders Magazine Mud Run

If you ever get the opportunity, go ride Boondocks. It’s worth every bit of the planning and travel.Want To Ride Boondocks, Here’s the basics:

Taylor County Boondocks
1209 West Fall Line Freeway
Butler, GA 31006


FAQ’s About Boondocks: 

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