2015 King of the Hammers UTV Race Recap

My name is Jon, and I have a KOH addiction. I have a long history racing UTVs at King of the Hammers, and it has always been a love-hate relationship. Since 2009, I have either driven or co-dogged for this race. All, but last year in one of my vehicles. The idea of building the perfect UTV for the race is always the candy that gets me started. Then about a month before the race, the countless hours of preparation and stress of letting someone down tests my sanity. Every year I say that I will never do this again, then somehow the lure of building something better triggers something in my brain and I cannot help myself. There must be a twelve step program to help me quit, but I haven’t figured it out yet. All those people I beg to help me stop, let me jump right into the slippery slope the following year. They all must enjoy seeing me suffer.