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5th Annual UTV Industry Ride – Glamis

5th Annual UTV Industry Ride - Glamis

Every year, gets together with Fullerton Sand Sports to hold a small gathering of industry-built UTVs in Glamis. It’s a fast-paced showcase of new products, new builds, and new ideas wrapped into a three-day event stationed in the sand haven of Southern California. This year, NASCAR driver and UTV enthusiast Greg Biffle was kind enough to lend us his facilities and spend a little time with us out in the sand. The kind folks at Pace Offroad (Biffle’s high-level offroad shop) allowed us to turn their building into a photo studio- you would never know from the photos that just outside the shop door lay hundreds of acres of freshly-blown sand dunes!

PACE Offroad Z1 XP4 Conversion
PACE Offroad Z1 XP4 Conversion

This year, we had about 20 built cars out in the dunes to test and play around with. High-profile builds like TMW/Wolf Designs’ “Werewolf” V8 RZR, Proline Wraps’ “Atomachrome” XP Turbo, and Pace Offroad’s 280+ horsepower Z1 conversion XP 4 were in full show and shine condition. In2Dirt Media’s “Rat RZR” was the polar opposite, wearing a thick rust and copper patina finish. Three Yamaha YXZ1000Rs also made the cut, two turbocharged and one wrapped in grey carbon fiber. With a belly full of chorizo and eggs, we set out on our first morning shoot, heading straight for the tall dunes behind Oldsmobile Hill.

After two solid days of riding and shooting, a nasty wind storm came in, causing everyone in our group to rush back to camp and fold up awnings, chairs, tables, and anything else that weighed less than a generator. The 60+ mph winds howled through camp and dulled a few powdercoat finishes, but the next morning, there was no heat, no tracks on the dunes, and barely a breeze to speak of. What better riding conditions could you ask for?

In2Dirt’s Rat RZR

In2Dirt Media was on hand to help us document the trip with studio photos inside the “Biffledome”, Greg’s huge steel shop building. We also dragged the studio equipment out into the dunes for some night shots, showcasing lighting Rigid Industries, Lazer Star, Vision X, and more!

Turbo Yamaha YZX1000R
TMW’s Turbocharged YXZ1000R

TMW Offroad showed up in full force as usual, but the two cars that caught our eye were the turbocharged long travel YXZ1000R and big-turbo long travel XP Turbo.  TMW has a great sense of the UTV market and these two cars are leading the charge to showcase where it can go.

Wolf Designs/TMW Offroad “Werewolf”
Wolf Designs/TMW Offroad V8 “Werewolf”

The Wolf Designs/TMW Offroad “Werewolf” RZR is just as stunning every time we see it, and it arrived in Glamis on this trip with a brand-new, stroked and cammed LS2 stuffed in the back half of the frame. With well over 400 horsepower, there was nothing in the group that could keep up with the Werewolf at high speed. 4th gear pulls well over 110 mph in the sand!

Turbo Yamaha YXZ1000R
RPM’s Turbo Yamaha YXZ1000R

Race Proven Motors brought out a bare-white wide body YXZ1000R with a big turbo motor, and was perhaps the quickest car of the group. In a couple high-speed whoop passes, RPM blew by us like we were standing still, the YXZ’s triple screaming like a banshee. 

Proline Wraps Atomachrome
Proline Wraps Atomachrome

Proline showcased their expertise in chrome vinyl wraps, rolling out two Polaris RZRs that can only be described as rolling suns. Both cars were equipped with long travel, one representing HCR and the other Madigan Motorsports.

Rigid Industries LED Lights
XTC Power Products showing off their Rigid Industries LEDs

XTC Power Products brought perhaps the most practical and useable car in the group, an XP4 1000 that featured their full plug and play wiring kit, which includes turn signals, horn, flashers, and strobes. XTC’s car featured more Rigid Industries lighting on it than any car we have ever seen, from fender lights to rock lights, light bars and domes.

Assault Industries Yamaha YXZ1000R
Assault Industries’ Yamaha YXZ1000R

Assault Industries’ YXZ1000R featured a host of billet parts and accessories, as well as the only KC HiLiTES Pro6 light bar on a UTV in the public. The new Pro6 uses 6” reflector housings linked with a billet backbone, providing an insane amount of lighting distance and a great retro look. Assault’s YXZ looked stellar in its Proline grey carbon fiber wrap, and sounded the part thanks to its prototype Burns exhaust system.

GBC Motorsports Polaris RZR XP Turbo
GBC Running the Dunes with 32” Mongrel tires

GBC Tire had a brand-new RZR XP Turbo build on hand, decked out in Lazer Star Marine Grade lighting, all using white pods to match the white plastics and wrap. The DesertWorks cage features a fully enclosed trunk and aftermarket tail lights implanted into the sheetmetal rear end. The most shocking aspect of GBC’s car were the HUGE 32” Mongrel tires, with Kory Ellis behind the wheel showing that a big dirt tire can shred sand with the best of ‘em.

HiPer Racing Clay Millican
Clay Millican showing off HiPer’s new DM58 Wheel

Fullerton Sand Sports and HiPer Wheel teamed up to show a brand new wheel option on the FSS Maverick. Dubbed the DM58, the wheel is part of HiPer and WELD’s new partnership. First shown by WELD President and CEO, Norm Young, at the 2015 PRI Trade Show, the DM58 is named in honor of the late Dalton Millican. The 22-year old son of NHRA Top Fuel Racer Clay Millican, Dalton died Aug. 13, 2015 as a result of a motorcycle crash.  Clay Millican was on hand to put some seat time in a UTV for the first time in the sand, and the look on his face when he got back to camp was unmistakable- he had an absolute blast. More details:NHRA Top Fuel Racer Clay Millican Hits the Dunes

UTV Tech
UTV Tech’s Turbo XP1000 Throwing Sand

UTV Tech’s seemingly stock RZR XP 1000 housed some pretty unique and cool hard parts from the Idaho natives. A full hard roof with glass sunroof, steel cargo box, seemingly bulletproof underbody protection, and flared rock sliders add some cool styling touches and a ton of durability. Plus a little turbo under the covers to enable it to blow a nice roost on demand.

SDR Motorsports RZR XP Turbo
SDR Motorsports Built RZR XP Turbo

SDR Motorsports brought out Brian Bush’s new XP Turbo that featured a Glazzkraft fiberglass body, HCR Racing long travel, Rigid Industries lights and of course SDR cage and doors. Lastly, we had our own SDR Motorsports-built RZR XP 4 Turbo on hand, sporting their new Hi-Bred long travel suspension system and nearly every SDR accessory you can think of.  

SDR Motorsports RZR XP4 Turbo
Our RZR XP4 Turbo built by SDR Motorsports

More Photos:

Pace Offroad

PACE Offroad Z1 XP4PACE Offroad Z1 Conversion
PACE Offroad / SDR Motorsports Z1 Conversion

TMW Offroad

TMW Offroad RZR XP TurboTMW Offroad Turbo Yamaha YXZ1000R
TMW Offroad XPT and YXZ1000R

SDR Motorsports

SDR MotorsportsSDR Motorsports
SDR Motorsports – Bush XPT & Crowley XP4 Turbo

Race Proven Motors

Turbo Yamaha YXZ1000RTurbo Yamaha YXZ1000R
RPM Turbo YXZ1000R

ProLine Wraps

Proline Wraps IcebreakerProline Wraps Atomachrome
Proline Wraps Icebreaker and Atomachrome

Wolf Designs

Wolf DesignsTMW / Wolf Designs V8 Werewolf
Wolf Designs Goblin andWerewolf

GBC Motorsports

GBC Motorsports RZR XP TurboGBC RZR XP Turbo

UTV Tech

UTV TechUTV Tech
UTV Tech XP1000 Turbo

Assault Industries

Yamaha YXZ1000RYamaha YXZ1000R
Assault Industries Yamaha YXZ1000R

XTC Power Products

XTC PowersportsXTC Powersports
XTC Power Products XP4 1000

HiPer Racing / Fullerton Sand Sports

Can-Am Maverick TurboCan-Am Maverick Turbo
Clay Millican behind the wheel of the HiPer equipped Can-Am Maverick Turbo

In2Dirt Media


RZR XP4 TurboRZR XP4 Turbo
Our SDR Motorsports built XP4 Turbo

Event Sponsors:

  • Pace Offroad
  • Fullerton Sand Sports
  • TMW Off-Road
  • SDR Motorsports
  • Race Proven Motors
  • ProLine Wraps
  • Wolf Designs
  • GBC Motorsports
  • UTV Tech
  • Assault UTV
  • XTC Powersports
  • HiPer Racing
  • In2Dirt Media

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Photos by Jon Crowley, Cody Hooper

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