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2016 Dumont SxS Wars

SxS Wars

The 2nd Annual Dumont SxS Wars descended on Dumont Dunes on President’s Weekend 2016. 

K&T Performance Z1 RZRK&T Performance takes the win in the Unlimited Class

The racing was setup in coordination with the Las Vegas Jeep Club, and they had four lanes setup with timing light and a groomed track. The Jeep Club side of things saw the normal Jamboree format with Hill Climbs on Saturday followed by 100 yard Sand Drags on Sunday.  The SXS Wars featured UTV action with Hill Races on Saturday followed by racing on the 100 yard Sand Drag track on Sunday.

SxS Wars Unlimited Class
Unlimited Class at SxS Wars

2016Dumont SxS Wars Results:

1000cc OEM Class: 1st Place – Sierra Shaver, 2nd Place- Terry Lawrence.

1000CC Power Adder: 1st Place – Jenn Peterson, 2nd Place Mark Pickrell.

1000cc XPT/Mac Turbo: 1st Place- Preston Kurtz (DM Racing), 2nd Place Sheila Caudle.

1000cc XPT Open: 1st Place Mike Askin, 2nd Place- Jayden Muchmore.

1000cc Power Adder Open: 1st Place-Jayden Muchmore (K&T), 2nd Place- Jedd Packard (Packard Performance).

K&T Performance
1st Place-Jayden Muchmore (K&T)

Packard Performance
2nd Place- Jedd Packard (Packard Performance)

1200cc N/A Class: 1st Place- Preston Kurtz.(DM Racing)

XP4 Power Adder: 1st Place- Tyler Jarmello/Landon Wells (Rebel Style Kustoms) 2nd Place- Bud Johnston.

Swap Open Class: 1st Place – Bart Govacho (KONG) 2nd Place- Julian Fernandez (K&T).

Bart Govacho (KONG)
1st Place – Bart Govacho (KONG)

1200 BB Power Adder: 1st Place- Jayden Muchmore (K&T), 2nd Place- Steven Chase (RBT Motorsports).

K&T Performance
1st Place- Jayden Muchmore (K&T)

RBT Motorsports
2nd Place- Steven Chase (RBT Motorsports)

SxS Wars Dumont
1200 BB Power Adder Class

Unlimited Class: 1st Place – Jayden Muchmore (K&T), 2nd Place – Jeff Kerridge (Mott Motorsports, NXS).

K&T Performance
1st Place – Jayden Muchmore (K&T)

NXS Designs
2nd Place – Jeff Kerridge (Mott Motorsports, NXS)

SxS Wars Unlimited Class
Line up for 2nd Place

Unlimited Class – First Run, K&T Performance takes the win. NXS Designs gets 2nd.

SxS Wars wants to thank ALL the racers that came out to put it all on the line and volunteers that stepped up big time to help make this event what it was.

Event Sponsors: K&T Performance, RBT Motorsports, Evolution Powersports, Rebel Style Kustoms, Energycoil, Kombustion, Packard Performance, STM, D&M Racing, Racers Edge AZ, GTP Off Road, Devious Powersports, Race Tech Titanium, Addict Racing, Turners Cycles, SandCraft RCR, and 5150 Whips.

SxS Wars is looking forward to next year going back to the big hill (Banshee Hill) and also heading to Utah. Stay posted for updates on upcoming events –SxS Wars Facebook.

SxS Wars Photos:

SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016

SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016SxS Wars Dumont 2016

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