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The M18 Pilot by MSA Wheels has landed

MotoSport Alloys (MSA) proudly releases a new product that changes everything you thought was possible in the powersports accessory industry: The M18 Pilot ATV/UTV custom wheel.

MotoSport Alloys has been in the manufacturing game for over 20 years so when they come out with a new style, we already know it is going to be something nothing less than amazing.  The M18 Pilot featured intricate and precise machined lines, unique styling finished in quality automotive grade two-tone paints in metallic silver and gloss black make this wheel an instant stunner. Each wheel is hand finished to ensure complete and consistent quality and an industry first bolt-in cap is the last and final step before packaging.

The icing on the cake is that each wheel is backed by a company lifetime structural warranty which basically boils down to if you bend it or break it under normal riding conditions, it will be replaced for free, no questions asked, no seriously.

The M18 Pilot is available in the following sizes:

  • 12×7” with a +10mm offset.
  • 14×7” with a +10mm offset.

Available Fitments:
4×110  |  4×137  |  4×156

The M18 Pilot is available now – get your hands on a set by visiting your local dealer and demanding a set or call the guys over at MSA: (800) 734-4890 or online:

Run one of the finest built, unique styles in the industry, run MotoSport Alloys.

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