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Kawasaki Teryx UHMW Skid Plate Review

Kawasaki Teryx Skid Plate Review

Kawasaki Teryx UHMW Skid Plate from Factory UTV

UHMW Kawasaki Teryx Skid Plate


Stock Kawasaki Skid Plate

As you can see, the stock skid plates are not only thin, but also do not protect the area under the seats. If you are going to do an rock crawling or desert rides, you had better think real hard about getting a new skid plate.

Factory UTV uses a material called UHMW which stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight. UHMW is a extremely durable polymer that is used in many applications where abrasion resistance (the ability to slide over a rock) and impact resistance is critical. UHMW is much better suited to skid plate as compared to typical aluminum, because the material does not stick to rocks and has some amount of give.

Unlike the stock setup, all of the Factory UTV hardware is recessed, so there is much less likelihood of a bolt hanging up on a rock.

Skid plate is pre-drilled for oil change and drainage and use existing and supplied hardware for installation. All mounting locations are recessed so that hardware stays out of harms way. 

Kawasaki Teryx Skid Plate - UHMW
Factory UTV UHMW Skid Plate

The Factory UTV skid plate not only uses stronger material, but the skid plate covers a larger area.


If you can find a lift to do this job, do it.  It makes it so much easier to get to all the bolts.

Installing the new skid plate.
My friend down the street has a lift, and it makes the job so much easier.

All of the bolts are 10mm.  You will reuse all of the dish washers when installing the new skid plate.

We had a few bolts that spun in place.  We found that if you wedged a screwdriver in under the skid plate that you could apply enough pressure so the insert would stop spinning.

Teryx Skid Plate Installation - Change Oil & Filter 

While the old skid plate is removed, you might want to think about changing your oil & filter since everything is out of the way.

Teryx Skid Plate Install
New skid plate all bolted up.

A nice touch with the skid plate where the front skid transitions to the main skid.  The front plate overlaps so there isn’t a lip to catch on a rock.

Including the oil and filter change, the whole process took us about 1 1/2 hours.

Other Photos:

Kawasaki Teryx UHMW Skid Plate from Factory UTV    

Available at:

Factory UTV

Phone: 916-207-8335

Website: www.factoryutv.net

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