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Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Review

Maier Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Review

Kawasaki Teryx - Maier Plastic

Kawasaki Teryx Plastic


Maier USA has complete bodywork to cover your Teryx from head to toe. New bodywork includes a redesigned custom 3-piece front system (#14899 & #14900) allowing for custom color combos, tailgate cover, fender flares, rear fenders.

Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Hood - Maier 14899 Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Hood - Maier 14900
Three piece hood lets you mix or match colors for a customized look.

To allow the center section of our hood to be removable without taking of the roll cage, we ordered some rubber nuts from our Kawasaki dealer.  The part number is 92015-1757.  We drilled out the holes a bit and shoved the rubber nuts in place.

Other Photos:

Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Hood - Maier USA Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Tailgate - Maier USA Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Fender - Maier USA Kawasaki Teryx Plastic Hood - Maier USA

Manufacturer Info:

Maier USA

Maier USA

Phone: 800.33.MAIER

Website: www.maier-mfg.com

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