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Kawasaki Teryx Clutch Modifications

Kawasaki Teryx Clutch Modifications


Clutch Kit

The Dalton clutch kit was developed to improve acceleration and back shift performance in a variety of conditions and also to help recover performance lost from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions . Improved acceleration and back shifting under load . Also offers flexibility to tune your clutch to rider preference and conditions while still maintaining maximum belt grip. This kit uses Dalton’s patented “Quick Adjust Cam Arms” which allow you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weight from the clutch. This helps make for quick and easy adjustment for tire sizes, conditions, and changes in rpm requirements from internal engine mods, etc . Although the teryx is calibrated fairly well for the totally stock machine ,there is still improvement even to a stock machine. This kit is very adaptable to mods/changes you may do the vehicle in the future ,and you can adjust it to maximize the power delivery to the ground in many different changes/mods and situations. It is like having many clutch kits in one.

Dalton Industries - Teryx Clutch Kit
Teryx Clutch Kit

Overdrive Clutch Cover

The Dalton billet aluminum overdrive clutch cover was built specifically for this Teryx model,and allows more belt travel for increased top end speed. This component offers increase of 4-5 mph by simply bolting it on in place of the existing cover plate on a stock Teryx primary clutch.No machining or modification of the drive clutch is necessary and you can go back to stock at any time.

Premium billet aluminum construction and design offers increased strength, better cooling and lighter weight.

Dalton - Kawasaki Teryx Clutch Cover
Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover


In order to get to the clutch on the Kawasaki Teryx, you first need to remove the seats, fuel tank and a lot of the plastic around the engine.

Kawasaki Teryx Clutch
Primary or drive clutch is on the right.  Secondary or driven is on the left.

Kawasaki Teryx Clutch Weights Kawasaki Teryx Clutch Weights Kawasaki Teryx Dalton Clutch Weights
Dalton vs. Stock weights

Kawasaki Teryx - Primary Drive Clutch Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover - Kawasaki Teryx
Stock vs. Dalton Primary Drive

Kawasaki Teryx - Clutch Kit Installation
All installed and ready for the cover

When installing the billet clutch cover, the KEBC fork needs to be removed from the clutch cover. This disables the slow speed engine braking.

Installation Videos:

These are great videos showing step by step how to do the clutch work on your Kawasaki Teryx.


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Available at:

Dalton Industries

Dalton Industries

Phone: (902)-897-3333

Website: www.daltonindustries.com

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