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Kawasaki Teryx CDI Review

Kawasaki Teryx CDI Review

Kawasaki Teryx CDI

Kawasaki Teryx CDI


Multi-Spark Discharge (MSD) allows for maximum power and virtually eliminates misfires, while giving you easy starts and crisp throttle response. Preloaded performance map allows the machine to run cooler, produce more horsepower and more torque, while minimizing fuel consumption.

Toggle switch on the unit allows user to switch between two preloaded setups. Default preloaded map keeps factory limiters (speed) and similar power when the toggle switch is in position #1. When the toggle switch is in position #2, all limiters are disabled, and the timing is optimized for maximum power on 87 octane fuel. Setups and maps can be changed and optimized for different fuel grades via the USB Memory Interface (sold separately).

Velocity Devices Teryx CDI - two map switch.
Toggle switch – map selector


Remove driver’s seat.  Locate battery and CDI. Remove negative lead from battery.

Remove factory CDI (two 8mm bolts). Then disconnect two wire plugs.

Factory CDI removed from the Teryx

Factory CDI removed.

Install new Velocity Devices CDI.  Use self taping screws to mount CDI.

USB Memory Interface connected to download new map.

New CDI installed


The programmability of the CDi is a very nice feature.  And the two map feature is a great addition as well.  You can have one map for race gas and another for pump gas and swtich between the two in seconds.

Other Photos:

Kawasaki Teryx CDI - USB Interface

Contact Info:

Velocity Devices Inc.
P.O. Box 85211
Albert Park Station
Calgary, AB

Phone:(403) 668-7470

Website: www.velocitydevices.com

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