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Take your RZR XP performance to the next level with Polaris Stage 2 Kit

Polaris RZR XP

Upgrade your RZR® XP to the most powerful, most reliable and most premium machine with quality built parts engineered and validated by Polaris. The ultimate engine package for your RZR XP or RZR XP 4, this kit delivers 94 HP – giving you improved acceleration and throttle response, reaching 60 MPH up to 17% quicker.

RZR® XP 900 Stage 2 Kit includes:

SLP® Exhaust Silencer

  • High-flow dual outlet silencer, more than double the flow of the OEM silencer 
  • Sport tuned exhaust note 
  • High-strength stainless steel construction 
  • Dual USFS certified spark arrestors 

H.O. Camshafts

  • Increased intake and exhaust overlap duration and lift for maximum power 

Performance tuned calibration

  • Proprietary turning optimized for your RZR® XP 900 
  • Dealer installation required to ensure proper recalibration of engine 

Primary clutch shift weights

  • Tuned to improve acceleration and take advantage of the increased horsepower 

High strength valve springs

  • Stronger and tuned to optimize valve-train dynamics of the H.O. camshafts

Product Details: Polaris RZR XP Stage 2 Kit

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